Whimsical Photographs Capture Skateboarding Foods

Food does a lot when we’re not looking. Growing carrots thrust deeper into the soil, yeasty gas bubbles swell proofing loaves of bread, and crocks of fermenting pickles emit a slow-motion sizzle.

In the impish photography of French artist Benoit Jammes, food’s secret life is more athletic. Jammes’ new series of Skitchen photographs captures a banana grinding a rolling pin, a kiwi ollieing off a faucet, and a lemon using a giant glass jar as a pipe. They all fare much better than an unfortunate tomato, who bites it trying to land a trick.

Jammes skated as a kid, though he’s not anymore. “I’m now more into artworks, so I decided to mix them and show everyone what happens in the kitchen when you turn your back. Today I really prefer a great dinner to a huge sport session,” he told us in an email interview.

The shots look painstaking to compose, but Jammes has a playful attitude about it. “There [are] no rules because like a hunter, I just try to capture the moment when veggies doesn’t know that I see them doing some amazing slide,” he said. While he loves to make curry chicken, Jammes says his wife is the better cook. Whatever the case, we know that food is a moving target for humans after a big skate session. “Eat better, skate harder!” Jammes advises.

Article source: http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2015/01/whimsical-photographs-capture-skateboarding-foods.html

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