WATCH: Man evades cops on skateboard, gets busted by reality TV …

A man involved in a police chase in Los Angeles Monday took a page out of Bart Simpson’s playbook when he attempted to evade the cops on his skateboard.

Unfortunately for him, his plan went about as well as Homer Simpson’s attempt to jump the Springfield Gorge.

The pursuit started when the suspect allegedly stole a black BMW sedan in the Van Nuys neighborhood of Los Angeles Monday afternoon.

Police gave chase while KABC news cameras followed above, with the suspect reaching speeds of nearly 150 km/h on city streets.

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After a short while, the man crashed the BMW into the back of another car stopped in traffic and was forced to bail out – skateboard in hand.

The suspect then tried to flee on his board before abandoning the attempt and fleeing on foot.

But the bizarre twists don’t end there. With police hot on his tail, the man tried to cross Valjean Avenue, but met with a red pickup truck instead.

Alerted to the fact that he was in the middle of a police pursuit, the pickup truck driver maneuvered his vehicle into the perfect position to trap the fleeing suspect, which allowed officers to finally subdue him.

The man driving that pickup? Lou Pizarro, former star of the reality TV show Operation Repo.

“I seen exactly what happened. I saw the guy running with a skateboard in his hand, and he’s running from the cops, they’re like right on him, [and] there’s about six or seven cops,” Puzarro told KABC News in L.A. “And you know, he got on his skateboard, and he started moving and it was just instinct, just to block the guy off and slow him down a little bit. That’s all I could do.”

WATCH: See another angle of the end of the pursuit, and hear from Mr. Pizarro himself about why he decided to intervene

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