TWS 10: Straight On Rail Tricks

Straight on rail tricks seem like just about the scariest thing you could try. Hanging up at the top is obviously the worst-case scenario, but it also seems like an infinite number of other things could also go gravely wrong. That being said, since Sheffey made them a reality in Mouse (’96), straight on rail tricks have become their own little niche kamikaze corner—attracting some of the toughest applicants skateboarding has to offer. Here are 10 good ones, starting with Sean.—Mackenzie Eisenhour

Around the same time as the San Diego City College seven-stair in Mouse, Sean went and shot this still and a sequence of the trick for our August ’96 issue. Photo: SKIN

1. Sean Sheffey: Mouse, 1996
Sean on the very first one that became his last trick in Mouse: “I had thought about it for a while. I mentioned it to Rick [Howard], and he was like, ‘That would be really cool. You should get it for the video.’ It came to a point where I needed a beastly move and Rick sent [Tim] Dowling down to San Diego. I was afraid of landing on it and not having the board all the way under me. It was one of those things you really had to commit to. The first one I landed on the rail, I got on and the grind started to spin me 180. My front leg went way over to the side and behind me as I was still going forward. I ran out backwards and my knee got really stiff, but I was sure I could do it after that. I just had to get it before my knee swelled up—you know how you still have that little window before it sets in? I went back up and got it in two more tries, but my knee was wrecked for weeks after that.”

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  1. Daniel Zakrzewski:

    Man, scrubbing back just to see the trick for a second time is annoying enough, imagine having to rewind it on your VHS player each time just to get a second look lol

  2. Dusty Lee:

    Terrible music!! Wow.

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