Two caught in connection with Chandler graffiti, $10,000 in damage done …

CHANDLER, AZ – 13 businesses were damaged in a string of graffiti and vandalism performed by two men in downtown Chandler on Thursday.

Chandler police said Alfredo Jimenez and Victor Osuna were captured in connection with the damage, which amounted to approximately $10,000.

The majority of the damage consisted of the graffiti on the 13 properties, but the suspects also damaged signs and lighting.

Reports showed much of the graffiti contained expletives aimed at the Chandler Police Department.

Air15 images also showed damage to the newly refurbished San Marcos Country Club near Chandler Boulevard and Alma School Road.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything like this in Chandler, so it’s sad,” said Laura Alexander, who has lived in Chandler for thirty years. “I’ve never understood why people can do things like that, its senseless.”

While most of the graffiti has already been painted over, the business owners have to pay out of pocket for those repairs.

“What’s disappointing is, we’re all independent business people,  just small business people,” said John Wolfe, owner of Sibley’s Gift Shop. “It’s not like we’re some deep pocketed conglomerate that can just go do things in a second.”

Longtime residents hope this was an isolated incident. “It will be fixed, it will be painted over, and they will be forgotten,” said Dorothy Legg.

The suspects were booked into the Maricopa County Jail on one count of criminal damage and one count of third degree burglary.

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