The LongboardStroller, for parents who miss their skateboards

Hipster parents, rejoice. Instead of having to push your little ones in conventional strollers, soon you may be able to scoot around the city on a stroller-mounted skateboard.

Would you try a LongboardStroller if they were available in Canada? (LongboardStroller)Would you try a LongboardStroller if they were available in Canada? (LongboardStroller)Stroller brand Quinny teamed up with Studio Peter van Riet, a Belgian design firm, to create the LongboardStroller — “an experiment in urban mobility.”

“Last year we were approached by Quinny and they had an idea to make a stroller you could stand on,” Peter van Riet, owner of the design studio, tells the Daily Mail. “We met with parents to talk about it and came up with the idea of a stroller combined with a longboard.”

The current prototype is built from wood and fibreglass and uses parts from an existing stroller design. To make it safer than a traditional longboard, brakes and handlebars were added for additional control.

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Van Riet believes this fun new design will actually help parents become more mobile and cover longer distances.

“With just a stroller alone you can travel maybe half a mile and this offers a solution to go further without having to use a car or another form of transport,” he says. “It’s also environmentally friendly which is one of the main points behind it.”

The concept won the OVAM Eco Award PRO 2012 and is now in its development stages.

The Daily Mail reports that around eight prototypes of the product have been built. It is currently being tested — and, hopefully, perfected — for health and safety measures.

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While there’s been plenty of interest in the LongboardStroller, Quinny isn’t rushing the product into manufacturing just yet:

“A lot of people are very enthusiastic and would like to get their hands on a LongboardStroller ASAP,” the company writes. “Unfortunately we still have a lot of work and want to make sure we’ll deliver a high quality product which is perfectly safe. As long as we’re not 100 per cent confident we can’t send any prototypes to anybody,”

“There are still some open issues and we’re working hard to get them solved. As soon as we have a better view we’ll inform you ASAP! Thanks for understanding.”

Urban parents, would you swap your stroller for a longboard?

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