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VIDEO: ‘Wild in the Parks’ Skateboarding Comp

Totally sick, brah.

Totally sick, brah.

Skateboarding and the Bay Area—and the South Bay in particular—have long been intertwined. Many of the biggest names to come out of the sport in the 1980s hailed from Silicon Valley, and Thrasher magazine once identified San Jose as the skating capital of the world. And so it makes perfect sense that Volcom and The Berrics would pick Mayfair Skatepark as one of only 10 stops on the 2015 North American “Wild in the Parks” tour.

The touring amateur skate contest—now in its 13th year—set up shop at Mayfair on Saturday, July 11, and let the kids rip. The free contest was broken into three categories: 14 and under, 15-21 and amateur. It is likely that many of those who entered the competition did so with the hope of advancing to the final round of the series, which is scheduled to be held on Oct. 17 at The Berrics skatepark in Los Angeles. (The Berrics, which is owned by pro skaters Steve Berra and Eric Koston is a co-sponsor of the series).

However, there is another reason for young skaters to strut their stuff at Wild in the Parks. According to the Volcom website, the contest series has established itself as a “proving ground for emerging skateboarders.” In other words, the event functions as a combine for aspiring skaters.

We sent our videographer, Linh Nguyen, to Mayfair Skatepark. Watch:

Article source: http://activate.metroactive.com/2015/07/video-wild-in-the-parks-skateboarding-comp/