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On The Radar: Jeremy Murray

Our homie on the East Coast has been steady crushing. Here’s proof in this new part. Watch Jeremy kill it then read the interview below to see what he’s been up to.

What up Jeremy? Where are you from and where are you living?
What’s good! I’m from Washington DC and I currently reside in Philadelphia.

How long did you film for this video for?
About seven or eight month.

What spots did you hit for this video?
We took a few trips—ATL, NYC, California, North Carolina. Most of it we filmed in DC at Pulaski etc.

How’s the scene at Pulaski these days?
Pulaski is amazing. The scene is strong. Lots of young kids on the rise. The cops still come by from time to time but it’s pretty mellow. Just gotta stay alert. Ready to roll out at any point.

Who’d you film this with?
95-percent was filmed by my good buddy James Park. RB Umali and Joe Monteleone helped film a few things too. Shout out to all the filmers everywhere, y’all the realist.

What upcoming projects do you have in the works?
Working on another part—all NYC clips for Mighty Healthy that should be done in the fall hopefully. Also filming a VX project in DC with some homies.

Which trick gave you the hardest time in here?
Probably the last trick, fakie inward heel over the wall at Pulaski. I had to go back like five times for that, but I love skating Pulaski so it was all good.

Shout outs: Who’s been hooking you up?
Shout out to James Park for putting this together and putting in the hours filming my ass. Big ups to my sponsors Mighty Healthy, GOLD wheels, Boulevard, HUF, Royal trucks, Official Skate, and Andale Bearings. Thank you for keeping me rolling. Thank you TWS for showing a brotha some love. Big ups to all the Pulaski Family in DC. R.I.P Pepe Martinez.

Is the East Coast better than Cali?
I love the East Coast. Love that Cali weather and endless spots too! I don’t discriminate. Cali is just a plane ride away. Both coasts are dope! I don’t wanna limit myself to one. Bicoastal.

Video / PARK Photo / MALLARI

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Article source: http://skateboarding.transworld.net/videos/on-the-radar-jeremy-murray/