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Skateboard Canada features local’s work

Justin Serran wasn’t afraid to put it all out on the table.

The North Bay resident, who is taking film and broadcasting at Centennial College in Toronto, created a 26-minute video titled Middle of Know Where.

The video was picked up by Skateboard Canada and is featured on its website.

“The skate video features six guys showcasing their best tricks,” Serran said Tuesday.

The video took about three years to make and was premiered on Dec. 20.

“It takes a long time to collect footage. Some guys were working two or three hours on one trick and it’s featured for a few seconds in the video.”

Some of the locations featured in the video will be familiar to North Bay residents.

Spots along the North Bay Waterfront, city hall and McKeown plaza are among the many places skateboarders demonstrated their skills.

The video was also shot in Sudbury.

Serran isn’t new to the film industry.

While attending high school, Serran won the high school category at the DOC North Film Festival at the Capitol Centre for his first documentary.

“I’m not trying to become a professional skateboarder but I sure feel guilty when I’m not doing it. Skateboarding keeps me going,” Serran said.

He said growing up in North Bay without a skateboard park posed some challenges.

“We’ve never had a permanent park and we have a lot of talent in North bay. It’s crazy to think how good some would have been if we would have the proper facilities.”

Serran said skateboarders use random buildings and skate until someone complains.

“We were always trying to find new spots where we wouldn’t get hassled.”

Serran said he will spent his free time making a sequel to his popular skateboarding film while pursuing a career working on movies.


Article source: http://www.nugget.ca/2014/03/10/skateboard-canada-features-locals-work