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Justin Bieber fails at skateboarding outside MSG

Well, that was embarrassing.

A platinum blonde, tunic-clad Justin Bieber was trying to impress fans outside of Madison Square Garden by skateboarding down the steps on his most recent trip to NYC, which, by the sound of the girls who caught him on video seemed to be working… until he wiped out.

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After a few sad attempts in which Bieber at least landed on his feet, according to videos recorded Sunday, the popstar tumbled down a flight of stairs.

“I almost just died!” one young fan can be heard saying after the fall. (Or, maybe the acoustics are playing a trick on us and that was Bieber himself.)

Not to be discouraged, the Biebs got back up and, eventually, kinda-sorta landed a mediocre jump that, in comparison to his previous failed attemps, looked like a championship move by Tony Hawk.

MusicJustin Bieber through the years

Luckily for Bieber, his fans are easy to please.

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“I love him so much,” a loyal Belieber can be heard sighing… because there’s nothing sexier than a guy eating pavement.

Article source: http://www.newsday.com/entertainment/celebrities/justin-bieber-fails-at-skateboarding-outside-madison-square-garden-1.9759386