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Melodies for the Lemurs: Skating in Madagascar

It’s every skater’s dream to travel the world with their friends to explore new terrains, and going to Madagascar is the trip of a lifetime.

Unfortunately, sometimes for reasons beyond us, certain lives are ended sooner than others. Sadly, Wilko Grüning‘s was cut short not long after this trip. Devastating news, but in hindsight spending some of his last days doing something he loved at one of earth’s most exotic locations is nothing short of inspiring.

So with a heavy heart, Patrik Wallner presents us with an amazing trip and tribute, one last push with Wilko GrüningBarney Page, Denny Pham, Nestor Judkins,  Brian Dolle, Gosha Konyshev, along with photographer Lev Maslov as they explore the exotic island of Madagascar.

Check back Thursday, April 2 when the first chapter of Melodies for the Lemurs kicks off in Antananarivo. In the meantime, do what Wilko would have done: grab your board and go explore your world with a smile on your face.


Article source: http://www.redbull.com/ca/en/skateboarding/stories/1331713386030/skating-in-madagascar-teaser