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Vans Syndicate Celebrates 10 Years | Transworld Skateboarding

2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the Vans Syndicate collection, Vans Pro Skate’s celebration of the diverse heritage of ideas, attitudes and influences that make up skateboarding’s unique culture. Vans pays tribute to this milestone by returning to several original Syndicate collaborators to represent a decade of iconoclastic style and heritage.


Vans Syndicate kicks off the anniversary with renowned tattoo and graffiti artist MISTER CARTOON. As the first of five projects in commemoration of the anniversary, MISTER CARTOON pays homage to the first official Syndicate project back in 2005, Season 001.01. The inaugural Syndicate collection turned to MISTER CARTOON to pen the original Syndicate “S” logo and script for his collaboration debut of three Authentic “S” styles.


Vans Syndicate presents the MISTER CARTOON Authentic “S”—originally released in “Blue”, “Penguin” and “Black” with printed canvas quarters and denim toe and heel—this July in black denim and gold accents. Original MISTER CARTOON artwork is screen printed on the quarter panels and footbeds. The Vans Syndicate x MISTER CARTOON anniversary project launches worldwide on Saturday, July 18 exclusively at authorized Vans Syndicate dealers. Visit Vans.com for the complete list of dealers.

Article source: http://skateboarding.transworld.net/news/vans-syndicate-celebrates-10-years/