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LA Film Fest Exclusive: Clip From Skateboarding Documentary ‘I Am Thalente’

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Kevin Jagernauth
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Tue Jun 09 10:20:00 EDT 2015

I Am Thalente

There’s a critical junction for a teenager when they must start deciding which path they want to follow for their future. Do they give up on their artistic dreams and settle on something perhaps more academic and career oriented, or do they pursue their passion? It’s that question that skateboarder Thalente Biyela seems to face in this exclusive clip from the upcoming documentary “I Am Thalente.”

Directed by Natalie Johns, the film follows the seventeen year-old South African skateboarding prodigy who sees a world of opportunity arrive after video showing off his skills goes viral. Skate world figures like Kenny Anderson and Tony Hawk soon lend support to Thalente, providing him an opportunity to chase his dream of skating and competing in the U.S. And as you’ll see in this scene, Thalente is rather humble in his observations about what lies ahead.

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“I Am Thalente” premieres at the L.A. Film Festival on Monday, June 15th.

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