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The best places to skateboard in cities – readers’ pictures

Where is the best place to skateboard? Any skateboarder would like the answer to be: “My own house, of course!!!” However, Anselmo Arruda, the guy in this picture, made it happen for him and his local community. After the passing of his parents in 2010, he inherited the family house he grew up in, and did what most skaters would do: build something you can skate at your own place. With the help of his friends, he threw away his furniture to make space for the DIY ramps and ledges, knocked down the living room and kitchen walls to free the corridors to roll around, and invited local street artists to graffiti every blank space left in the house, so the Itanhaem community gave birth to the Caverna House.

His idea was not only to make the entire house skateable, both indoors and out, but Anselmo also wanted to transform the house he grew up in into a community resource and give to the disadvantaged youth of his town by providing skateboarding, music and artistic learning opportunities.


Article source: http://www.theguardian.com/cities/2015/may/25/best-places-skateboard-cities-readers-pictures

moss graffiti grows on walls

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