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Body Of Water Photo Gallery

The trip home to New Zealand with Dennis Busenitz, Walker Ryan, Nestor Judkins, Joey Pepper and Josh Matthews was one of the best ever, here are a few of my favorite photos that you may or may not have seen. Watch Body Of Water.

We pulled over next to Lake Taupo after a sweltering skate at the new Turangi skatepark and washed the sweat off, the whole crew was out and just happened to be in perfect line, Walker raised his arms basking in the serenity

This is outside Wellington’s TePapa Museum, they have the full carcass of a whale hanging in their ceiling. We only got about five minutes to skate before security gave us the old boot but that was long enough for Dennis to ollie up and kickflip to fakie behind the skate stoppers.

This is Kerosine Creek, it’s my favorite place in the country, a natural thermal hot water stream that flows down a six-foot waterfall into a sandy bottomed pool, perfect for relaxing those tight muscles. The smell of the sulphur in the water clings to you for days afterwards.

Dennis did this at the end of an epic line at Mach 10, I think he was tipping his hat to Tim O’Connor on this one.

Sometimes when people are filming lines I get a little antsy and want to get my camera out, this was the first spot of our trip and I was mucking around doing long exposures of Bill filming Walker midst nose manual nollie frontside flip. I decided I’d try to get something similar of each guy but it just never eventuated, next time…

A busy Saturday afternoon at the brewery on Wellington’s waterfront, the brewery has been a staple ledge spot for the locals for many years and the wooden benches are constantly being moved around so the spot stays fresh. Here Walker Hops one bench to lipslide another.

We’d arrived at a campsite near dark, pitched our tents and rushed to this nearby stream only to find it was absolutely freezing, Nestor braved the iciness by diving in head first, once he’d lept back out this was his reaction as his heart raced to catch up.

I gotta give major thanks to Bill for navigating and filming on this trip, here he is taking care of both simultaneously, that’s the Kiwi way, yeah it’s slightly dangerous but it gets the job done. big up to Dave and Jake at Manual, Corona, and Poler for all their help too. Next year we do the South Island!

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