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Video: Trocadéro Days by Pontus Alv and Converse Skateboarding

  • Converse team rider Pontus Alv has created a little film for the brand that’s less about the bangers and more about cruising around and having fun. Set in Paris, the video is inspired by skateboarding back in the ’80s when street skating was first breaking through, “ripping through California and spreading around the world like wild fire” and helping to create the foundation of what skateboarding is today. Speaking about the film, Alv said “This film is a celebration of that time. It inspired us. We hope it inspires you. Go build a jump ramp and explore.”


  • Article source: http://www.huhmagazine.co.uk/5590/video-trocad%C3%A9ro-days-by-pontus-alv-and-converse-skateboarding