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Skateboarder leveled by deer during high-speed downhill race

One of the problems with staging a sporting event in wilderness habitat is that wild animals sometimes get in the way. Such was the case recently during the Buffalo Bill Downhill  skateboarding race in Golden, Colo.

Watch as Ryan Vitale gets leveled by a deer while charging downhill at approximately 40 mph. (Note: there’s brief profanity toward the end of the video.)

Thankfully, Vitale was uninjured and the deer got up and rambled off, only to appear on the same road a little later in the footage.

It was an impressive tackle, to be sure. But both the skateboarder and the deer have seen better days.

Article source: http://www.petethomasoutdoors.com/2012/10/skateboarder-leveled-by-deer-during-high-speed-downhill-race.html