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Chef is fined €250 for wall graffiti spray

– 13 December 2013 02:30 PM

A CHEF arrested for spraying graffiti on the wall of the Garda National Immigration Bureau offices in Dublin did not realise what the building was at the time.


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Rafal Juskiewicz (30) had been drinking when he vandalised the building with a spray can a friend had been carrying, Dublin District Court heard.

Judge Hugh O’Donnell fined him €250 after being told that the accused’s actions were “not a protest”.

Juskiewicz, with an address at Clarinda Park East, Dun Laoghaire, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the Garda National Immigration Bureau at Burgh Quay.

The court heard the incident happened at 10pm on October 30. The accused was seen spray painting the wall at the offices and was arrested a short time later.


He was taken to Kevin Street garda station and charged.

The damage cost €70 to clean. Defence solicitor Stephen O’Mahony said the writing was “a tag – nothing in particular”.

The accused had previous convictions for public order offences and cultivating cannabis. “He’s a gardener,” Judge O’Donnell remarked.

Juskiewicz did not realise what the building was and the graffiti was “not a protest”, Mr O’Mahony said.

“It was a wall that was in front of him, he has no issues with the GNIB personally, he simply had a spray can in his possession”, he added.

“He had a friend over from Germany, that particular friend was someone who was engaged in graffiti, he took the can with him”.

The defendant had taken drink and the damage was a “quick spray on the wall”.

Juskiewicz had been in Ireland for 10 years and had worked as a chef in various restaurants around Dublin.



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Article source: http://www.herald.ie/news/courts/chef-is-fined-250-for-wall-graffiti-spray-29836058.html