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Luan Oliveira won his first Street League stop ever, at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, by beating Nyjah Huston with a buzzer-beater switch frontside bigspin heelflip. With Huston in the lead and Oliveira taking his final attempt with a chance to win it all, it was a reversal of roles in Street League considering Huston has come from behind with it all on the line more than once to win it all.
Watch the electrifying moment below:

Tonight though, it was all about Oliveira. Luan was voted the People’s Champ, which earned him the right to design the course. His solid performance in the prelims qualified him second overall, only trailing rookie Evan Smith, but from there Oliveira was virtually in a battle with himself. His first run of the finals was scintillating, leaving the judges no choice but to give him a 9.1. It was the only 9 Club score awarded for a run the entire contest, and just the second 9 Club of the day. His second run earned him a score of 8 leading into the best trick section. That’s when he decided he’d use the runway down the center of the course for takeoff. He set the tone for the remainder of the contest with a variety of flip tricks over the gap from the stage. He had been doing that all day anyway, but stepped it up in the last section where it counted most. A moment of note was when he landed a nollie backside heelflip for an 8.2, and actually bailed on his next trick, with one try remaining.
As all the pros took their final attempts, Huston was in first and went for a crooked grind on the flat rail, which by the looks of how his back foot was positioned, he intended to nollie flip out of. Unfortunately he struggled to get his back foot ready to flip out, and settled for the grind. This was amidst a cascade of boos from the fans in the arena and to top it off the judges gave him a score of 2.5. The stage was set for Chaz Ortiz and Oliveira to possibly win it all.
The magic number for 1st place was 8.8 but Ortiz missed his final attempt, leaving it all up to Oliveira to snatch a victory from Huston. Oliveira truly seized the moment, knowing he needed to pull off something huge and high scoring, and he delivered. The switch frontside bigspin heelflip he landed checked all the boxes for the judges’ criteria as far as difficulty, style and accomplishment, and they rewarded Oliveira accordingly with an 8.9. Today the People’s Champ became the winner of Stop One: Los Angeles of the 2015 SLS Nike SB World Tour. With one more stop next month in New Jersey before the Supercrown in Chicago in October, you can bet things will get a lot more intense for the remainder of the tour. Congratulations Luan!—Street League

Final Results:
1. Luan Oliveira – 34.2
2. Nyjah Huston – 34.0
3. Chaz Ortiz – 33.1
4. Cody McEntire – 31.1
5. Chris Cole – 30.3
6. Kelvin Hoefler – 29.0
7. Ryan Decenzo – 28.3
8. Evan Smith – 21.5

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