Skateboarder Rides Down Hill at 40 MPH and Straight into Deer

Oh deer. 

There is no more serene scene in all of skateboarding than bombing down an open road and taking in nature at obscene speeds. 

That is, until a stupid deer gets in the way and turns a good day into one that probably involves a little bit of first aid and a bandage or two. 

Here is the video with NSFW language coming at the :40 second mark. 

CBS Chicago spotted this video of one skateboarder getting a close-up of a deer at pretty much the worst time ever. 

During this weekend’s Buffalo Bill Downhill race, where skateboarders race down a mountain in Golden, Colo., one unlucky skateboarder had an unfortunate occurrence with a deer.

The report continues by asserting the skateboarder was going at speeds close to 40 MPH. Which is a benign speed if you are cruising down the road in a car, but gets gnarly if your only protection is some knee pads and harsh language. 

The best part is that the reports state that the jinxed skater and aloof deer were both relatively unscathed. 

Denver 7 News states: 

7NEWS said the skateboarder, who is from Salt Lake City, walked away with serious scrapes, but no broken bones. The deer was OK.

You will hear the man with the camera on his head delving into his thoughts on this particular run at the end of the video. 

With expletive-infused enthusiasm, he relays that this was pretty much an enjoyable run, and then finds time to wonder if that guy who just took out a deer was alright. 

At least he sounded a little worried. 

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  1. Take it back to the shop you got it from. It’s a manufacturers deecft because their decks are not made in the USA. Your deck is covered under a warranty no matter how much you rode on it. Send it back for a new one.

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