Rolling 30-deep on Belgium’s insane terrain

One thing I’ve seen in skateboarding over the years is the smaller companies making it happen. How else would 30 guys from all over the world get together for a tour? For the love of skateboarding; it’s a language all in itself.

I’ve known about Roman and the Muckefuck crew for a few years – an Austrian company with a band of rippers throughout Europe, even stretching to Skreech in Southern California. The whole Muckefuck crew are just solid guys.

The other van that met up with us was Daniel Evans and his crew of misfits – mostly from Oregon, one from Boise and Dead Dave from the UK.

The rest were some of the guys from Sasquatch Skateboards and one of their best rippers out, Drayke Mohr.

We had the UK posse as well – leading the charge, Mark Munson. I like Mark a lot because he is uncensored and real, speaks his mind and is such a raw skater. Awesome dudes to be around.

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