Preview: Skateboarding Documentary Bones Brigade November 19, 2012

Right now skateboarding is everywhere. The sight of kids riding down the street is about as prevalent as Subway sandwich franchises, but there was a time when skateboarding was just a small-scale insular subculture. One group of uniquely talented young skaters are responsible for taking skateboarding from brick-built half pipes in the neighbour’s backyard to the socially pervading sub-culture it is now. This group of pioneering teenagers was known as the Bones Brigade, and was assembled by manager, skate marketing guru and acclaimed documentary-maker Stacy Peralta (“Dogtown Z-Boys”, “Riding Giants”) in the early 1980s, and they literally changed skateboarding forever.

Peralta’s new documentary “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” tells the story of the original Bones Brigade and its members Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerrero, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain and the best-known pro skateboarder ever Tony Hawk, and how they turned the sport into a viable money-making career and an artform, and between them are responsible for the origins of most skate vocabulary as we know it (e.g. Mike McGill was the inventor of the “McFlip”; Rodney Mullen invented the kickflip, heelflip, the impossible, and was the first skater to introduce the “ollie” into the a street).

If you’re into skateboarding you have to see this movie. I’ve been lucky enough to watch it and was compelled to go for a skate around the block immediately after watching. It’s just infectious. There are special preview screenings of “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” coming to Melbourne and Sydney, so visit the Hopscotch website for details. In the meantime you can check out an exclusive clip plus the trailer below.


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