LAPD, skateboarders clash after movie screening

The Los Angeles Police Department clashed with hundreds of skateboarding fans Saturday night. The skateboarders were attending the free premiere of a film on skateboarding called Bake and Destroy.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the clash took place on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, where over 400 skateboarders gathered. Police went on modified tactical alert when the fans blocked the street and began throwing rocks and bottles at officers.

“It was kind of crazy out there for a while,” Sgt. Mendoza of the Hollywood Community Police Station told NBC News. An employee of one local store told NBC Los Angeles that businesses were advised to lock their doors and close for the night.

The LAPD told NBC that there were as much as 600 people out at the height of the clash, which started before 9pm. The crowd was dispersed by midnight.

No injuries were reported. According to The AP, there was just one arrest for failing to disperse.

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