Justin Bieber Wipes Out on His Skateboard – J

Justin Bieber recently showed off his skateboarding moves in NYC and totally wiped out in front of all his fans. The singer surprised Beliebers when he took over the steps at Madison Square Garden to try and land a trick.

The first few times Justin tried jumping over the stairs he stumbled a bit – and even face planted on the sidewalk.

Justin Bieber Falls 2

But if there’s one thing we know about the “All That Matters” singer it’s that he doesn’t give up. Eventually he landed the trick and could be heard saying, “Did you see me land that trick like a boss?”

Do you think it’s awesome that Justin kept on going after he wiped out? Let us know in the comments below.

Article source: http://www.j-14.com/posts/justin-bieber-wipes-out-on-his-skateboard-before-landing-trick-48653

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