Justin Bieber attempts to show off his skateboard skills in New York …

He might be an old hand at putting on a good stage show – but it was a different story when Justin Bieber took to his skateboard on the streets of New York.

The 20-year-old hitmaker certainly drew the crowds as he attempted a stunt involving a board and two flights of stairs outside Madison Square Garden over the weekend.

Until, that is, he took a bit of a tumble – as you can see from the above clip.

Seriously, folks – that’s gotta hurt.

Nothing to see here...only Justin Bieber falling off a skateboard
Justin Bieber has been showing off his new platinum blond barnet (Picture: Getty Images)

Skateboarding follies aside, it’s not been a bad little festive season overall for the newly-blond singer – who took to Instagram last week to reveal the new private jet he got for Christmas.

The singer told his followers: ‘New jet for Christmas and she’s beautiful,’ as he posed in front of the plush seats.

Not a bad little end to the year, all things considered…

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Article source: http://metro.co.uk/2014/12/30/justin-bieber-attempts-to-show-off-his-skateboard-skills-in-new-york-it-doesnt-end-well-5003529/

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