Justin Bieber Almost Breaks Arm In Ugly ‘Skateboarding Trick’ Fall In NYC (Video)

justin bieber falls on stairs

Justin Bieber Almost Breaks Arm In Ugly ‘Skateboarding Trick’ Fall In NYC (Video)

Is this what he wanted? For all online media to write about this moronic fall?

Justin Bieber’s new album must be almost ready for release because this stupid way of getting free and widespread publicity just goes beyond me.

Afternoon of Monday, December 29th, the “Fall” singer’s black SUV is being chased by paparazzi on the streets of New York City when out of nowhere The Bieber decides to pull over by a rentable building in order to show off his skateboarding skills to the paparazzi and Beliebers passing by. He steps off his SUV sporting a black cap-leather pants-large stretch grey t-shirt-black hoodie-black sneakers outfit, goes to the upper part of the building’s (entrance) street stairs and begins performing a skateboarding trick where he needs to jump over two sets of stairs. He fails multiple times, and in his penultimate attempt (before finally nailing it) Justin Bieber falls terribly bad almost breaking his right arm. Beliebers in the looking crowd screamed in fear.

He is one lucky guy. He could have really broken a few arm/shoulder bones in the fall. It looked ugly. Fortunately for him, he broke nothing, and managed to stand up to do his next and succeeding attempt. Once he nailed the trick, he ran back to his SUV and left the scene. Is he a fool or what? What if he had indeed broken his arm? That would’ve been his label having to push back any release or promotion of his new album in the scenario, let’s say, January was the month of choice.

skateboarding in nyc justin bieber

Has JB lost it?

Full video:

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