J.B. Smoove Rants In Nike Skateboarding’s Latest Advertisement

“Skaters Don’t Want Running Technology In Their Sneakers?”

In Nike Skateboarding’s latest ad spot, comedian J.B. Smoove goes on a 30-second rant questioning why skaters wouldn’t want running technology in their skate shoes. His message to all the skateboarders not wanting running technology in their sneakers…

So you don’t want an airbag in your car?

You want to go out and use an outhouse?

You want to brush your teeth with your finger?

You want to send a morse code?

You don’t want technology?

The real message… the Nike SB PRod 9 has all the technology a skater should want.

Nike Skateboarding absolutely nails it with this commercial.

Nike Skateboarding, PRod 9

Nike Introduces the Nike SB PRod 9


Article source: http://business.transworld.net/news/j-b-smoove-rants-in-nike-skateboardings-latest-advertisement/

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