Graffiti found at new Kinderland II playground in Kingston’s Forsyth Park

KINGSTON A small amount of graffiti has shown up on the city’s new Kinderland II playground, and police are looking for the vandal or vandals, Mayor Shayne Gallo said Wednesday.

Gallo said the vandalism apparently occurred late Tuesday before a Kingston police officer arrived to patrol Forsyth Park, where the playground is located.

The graffiti included drug-related phrases, including “I love marijuana,” as well as a marijuana cigarette and a couple of stick figures.

Gallo said Mark DeDea, the caretaker at the nearby Forsyth Nature Center, spent Wednesday removing the graffiti.

The mayor called the vandalism disappointing, especially given the community effort to build the playground.

“It just mind-boggling and perplexing that anyone could be so despicable to do this,” Gallo said. “It clearly reflects their disconnection from a community that wants to do good things for children.”

Kinderland II was built by volunteers from last Wednesday through Sunday at the Lucas Avenue park. It replaced the original Kinderland playground, which was built in the early 1990s and taken down earlier this month.

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