Goodhood’s Skateboarding Exhibit Will Feature Dope Decks From World …

Goodhood is honoring skateboarding, a subculture integral to its foundation, with an exhibition titled “The Art of Skateboarding.” The show, which will feature decks created by big name artists and designers, will be open at Goodhood’s London store from Sept. 13 to 21. 

“The Art of Skateboarding” will display work made exclusively for this event by a roster of famous creatives, including Jake Dinos Chapman, Will Sweeney, James Jarvis, Ed Davis, Russell Maurice, Daniel Sparkes, Ged Wells, Jiro Bevis, French, Ornamental Conifer, and Trevor Jackson. The participating artists have previously been featured in prestigious galleries and have collaborated with well known brands. For example, James Jarvis created a series of geometric T-shirts for Norse Projects earlier this year.

Not only is this exhibition a good opportunity to see some incredible work, but it’s also for a good cause. Goodhood will auction off pieces from the exhibition on the night of Sept. 17, and all proceeds of the auction will be donated to Long Live Southbank, a charity dedicated to preserving an iconic skateboarding space hailed as the birthplace of British skateboarding.

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