Go Forth, My Friends, And Enjoy This Video Of Justin Bieber Wiping …

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Did Santa not bring you what you wanted for Christmas this year? Were your stockings unstuffed? Don’t you worry your pretty little head for one second, because I’ve got just the thing you need to cheer you up and bring you some belated holiday joy. It involves Justin Bieber making a fool of himself in front of a crowd, so grab some hot cocoa with extra marshmallows and gather round.

Justin Bieber was in New York this weekend. What does a douchebag pop star do when he’s in New York? He skateboards on the steps outside Madison Square Garden, of course. Let me set the scene for you. Justin was wearing his best gray dress and leggings, accessorized by his new platinum blond hair. A group of fans were on hand to cheer him on, and of course so were photographers and videographers. They weren’t there to cheer, though. They were there to capture the moment Justin wiped out while trying to skate down the steps.

He’d attempted the same move several times, and none of them went particularly well — didn’t stop the crowd from going wild, though, because ooh Justin, you’re so dreamy — but at least he didn’t fall and make a fool of himself those times, right?

If you’re in the mood to watch only the fall over and over and over again, with a slo-mo version at the end, go for this video right here.

It appears Justin remained uninjured. That’s fine. I once broke my arm falling down steps similar to those in college and had to take my finals wearing a cast, pay off medical bills, do physical therapy, etc. But I’m glad Justin Bieber’s okay. Do I sound bitter? I’m not bitter. I only fell because I was distracted looking in my bag for an essay to turn in like a responsible young adult. Never ridden a skateboard or egged anyone’s house in my life. I’M NOT BITTER AT ALL.

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Article source: http://www.crushable.com/2014/12/30/entertainment/justin-bieber-skateboard-falling-video-wipes-out/

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