Gaston Co. teacher severely injured in skateboarding accident

Friends and students came together Tuesday night to pray for a Gaston County teacher.

Adam Lynn, a husband and father, is fighting for his life after a serious skateboarding accident.

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Dozens showed up to pray for Lynn, a teacher at Gaston Christian and Bible study leader at Parkwood Baptist. Some church leaders traveled to Tennessee to be with him as doctors treat him for a severe brain injury.

“This is a hard time for a lot of people. We understand the scripture teaches us we are to gather and pray,” said Joey Denton, Connections pastor.

People dropped to their knees, some shed tears, as they asked God to reduce the swelling in Lynn’s brain, fight off infection, and allow his medicine to produce positive results.

All of the people showed up because of how he has touched their lives. Lynn is a longtime member of Parkwood Baptist, and a teacher who taught at schools across the area before his alma mater, Gaston Christian.

“Anyone who knows Adam would do instantly what they can do to make Adam better, but none of those have that power, that ability; but we know the one who does,” Denton said.

Doctors are hopeful after Lynn’s last surgery — the swelling in his brain is going down. Doctors removed a portion of his skull. They do see a spot that indicates brain damage, doctors just are not sure to what extent.

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