Eyewitness in skateboard attack says victim came armed with …

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Update 5:21 p.m.: An eyewitness to Saturday’s violence in Huntington Beach tells NBC Los Angeles that teens suspected of attacking a man with their skateboarders were, at least initially, attempting to defend themselves. According to their report:

 Collin Mammolite, 19, who saw the fight, said the woman’s boyfriend came armed with a screwdriver and went after one of the teens

Mammolite went on to tell NBC Los Angeles the teens were attempting to defend themselves, and that those who were taken into custody “had nothing to do with it.”

9:16 a.m.: Huntington Beach police say a 25-year-old man is in critical condition after he was beaten by a group of minors, who used their skateboards as weapons. 

The incident took place at Huntington Beach’s Murdy Park at 7 p.m. Saturday, where police say a woman was attempting to break up a fight between two groups of skateboarders. When the groups turned on her, police say her boyfriend attempted to intervene. According to Huntington Beach Police

The female’s boyfriend, a male adult, came to help her and the juveniles attacked the adult male. The group of juveniles chased the victim across the street and into a laundry mat on the corner of Goldenwest Street and Warner Avenue. 

The man was beaten severely with skateboards.  CBS Los Angeles puts the number of attackers at nearly 40.  He’s currently in critical condition at UCI Medical Center. 

Police say they’ve detained 7 suspects in the attack, and booked four of them for attempted murder — all four are minors currently on probation for other crimes.

The identity of the attackers, and of the victims has not yet been released. 

Article source: http://www.scpr.org/news/2013/05/12/37238/man-in-critical-condition-after-being-attacked-by/

2 comments on “Eyewitness in skateboard attack says victim came armed with …

  1. I think the Huntington Beach Police Department does a POOR job of investigating.. H.B.P.D., who should protect and serve have a REALLY bad attitude especially when it comes to our teenagers, I guess they forget that they were once a teen, or maybe they’re wearing the uniform to be the bullies.. Doesn’t anyone remember that not too long ago they KILLED a female teen that was at SunView Park, they shot more than 18 rounds of bullets at her, I’m sure the bullet that killed her was the one to the heart, That’s when the O.C. sheriffs department took over, believe it.. those 2 policeman responsible for her death are still on active duty with the department, I do believe that the incident went too far too quick at MURDY PARK.. The so called victim agitated a situation, if there was a fight between teens.. why did he NOT call the police, (maybe cause he has a record?) why was he attacking a teen with a screw-driver, that is also a weapon. I write this comment because I myself, with my very own eyes, witnessed 2 male police officers man-handling a young female as I was taking a walk, when I said to the police officers involved that they SHOULD call a female-officer, they told me to SHUT my mouth and mind my business, I did not like what I witnessed so I went in my house and called the police, on the police, It just seems to me that these H.B.P.D., have an attitude that they can do WHAT-EVER they want and NOT be held accountable. no wonder, nobody ever wants to get involved, or call the police when they should. I had my OWN bad experience with the H.B.P.D, where as a victim of an assault, the HB officer protected the young man that assaulted me because he new the guy (that assaulted me), he was his baseball coach, they case never even made it to the District Attorney, when I asked the case be given to another investigator because I felt there was a conflict of interest, the Police Officer told me no, he would handle it, no problem, to get any Justice (ha), I had to take the man to court.. there was NO JUSTICE at all old PS, I’m sure their are some GOOD police officers, but their probably sitting behind a desk. It is really sad, to think that if you need help by the police, you yourself may get in some kind of trouble for disturbing them, maybe the city or county should do better psych evaluation. “just saying”

  2. I have a hard time with the count, police say 40? then ten, 4 arrested…. if their are 40 people at a Park, why isn’t there any video, or cell pic’s??? It just seems to me that more people have a cell phone than not… the so called “Good Samaritan”, and his girlfriend, If an altercation was getting that out-of-hand, why DIDN’T they call the police??? does this victim have a record, what is he doing interfering with kids half his age???
    I most certainly DO NOT CONDONE violence of any kind, when you see a altercation between 2 teens and it becomes out-of control… call the Police, Murdy Park is a family park and recreation center for the kids and young adults along with parents, I just feel there is some-thing missing from this story.

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