Carmageddon II: Skateboarder rides stretch of empty 405 Freeway

Whitehead and Logan were at the freeway by 6:15 a.m. Sunday, scouting out places where she could ride. After about 90 minutes of avoiding police and construction crews, they decided to head home.

On the way, Whitehead said, Logan paused south of the Skirball Cultural Center. “God,” he said. “That’s a beautiful stretch to ride.”

They parked the car and walked onto the freeway—there weren’t any barricades, she said. And then, she said, she went.

The ride lasted only about two minutes, Whitehead said. Police cars and construction vehicles were headed toward her, so she got off the freeway pretty quickly, she said.

“Our plan was to do it fast, do it quick and don’t get in anyone’s way,” she said. “I wasn’t there to cause problems. I really wasn’t.”

The couple wasn’t cited, but Whitehead wrote the numbers of three friends on one arm and a bail bondsman on the other just in case they ran into problems.

Whitehead said she was glad to finally have a positive experience with the freeway, admittedly one of the third-generation Angeleno’s least favorites.

“It’s pretty cool to be on the 405,” she said. “With no traffic is amazing in
itself, but to be skateboarding down the 405 is pretty iconic for me.”

“It was a pretty fun day.”


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— Kate Mather

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Photo: Former pro skateboarder and Hermosa Beach resident Cindy Whitehead rides down an empty stretch of the 405 Freeway on Sunday morning. Credit: Ian Logan

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