Best of: Street League Skateboarding Pro Open 2014

It came down to the final tries this Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles, as Nyjah Huston stomped a trick, and narrowly beat out Ishod Wair who had a very large lead most of the finals. The SLS Pro Open brought back the usual Street League skaters but also invited 20 new skaters to compete for a spot in the SLS Nike SB World Tour.

Matt Berger lead the pack going into the finals but Ishod quickly took over the lead with a large gap and a big smile and he cruised around the course, dancing and high-fiving everyone over in his corner. The course was his, until one slip up at the very end – and street league being the contest it is, it’s never over until it’s over. Countering Ishod’s miss with a 9.6, Nyjah secured yet another Street League victory and a golden ticket to the Street League finals in New York.

Newcomers Davis Torgerson, Matt Berger and Trevor Colden qualified highest of the 20 new skaters, and will be joining the rest of the skaters in Los Angeles and Chicago in the SLS Nike SB World Tour.

Final Standings:
1. Nyjah Huston
2. Ishod Wair
3. Paul Ridriguez
4. Shane O’Neill
5. Torey Pudwill
6. Luan Oliveira
7. Chris Cole
8. Matt Berger

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