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Faceplant Boardriders ‘Big Sexy’ Longboard Skateboard Deck is …

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This concave coupled with a mellow flared kicktail make the Big Sexy a downhill freeriders dream deck.

(PRWEB) November 30, 2013

At Faceplant Boardriders there is an ongoing process of designing, creating and testing progressive longboard shapes. They truly have a shape for any rider out there, and they go to great lengths to meet the demands of riders in every realm of longboarding. While Faceplant Boardriders is always designing and testing new shapes, they took a step back in 2012 to review the shapes they already have. One of their favorite shapes that they felt was getting overlooked was the ‘Pow Surfer’.

The ‘Pow Surfer’ was part of the ‘Surfer Series’ from Faceplant Boardriders. The Surfer Series features boards that are inspired by surfing and are meant to give the rider the feeling of surfing the asphalt. The Pow Surfer was more of a ‘kick-around’ longboard, and FB Owner’s Ricky and Rob Wheeler decided they could take the Pow Surfer to the next level. They beefed up the deck to be stronger and stiffer which makes it respond on demand. It is also a wider platform at 10.25” wide, which makes for a very stable ride at higher speeds. This is very important amongst hardcore downhill freeriders where every reaction comes in milliseconds. FB decided that this newly designed Freeride deck needed a new name, and after throwing some names around, the name that stuck was ‘Big Sexy’ due to it’s unique curves and lines from the concave features and overall design.

Serious concave features in progressive longboards are very important to downhill freeriders and the Big Sexy is packed full of concave features. The perfect concave keeps the rider locked in when they are laying down slides at any speed, yet is comfortable underfoot when a rider is tucked for speed. What Faceplant Boardriders did with the Big Sexy is they gave the front of the board a 5/8” radial concave and a slight wedge in the nose, which creates a pocket for the front foot to set into place right over the truck. Near the rear truck, the Big Sexy has W Concave which creates a great pocket for the rider’s rear foot when they are tucked in their downhill stance or pushing out high speed slides. This concave coupled with a mellow flared kicktail make the Big Sexy a downhill freeriders dream deck.

Faceplant Boardriders Owner Ricky Wheeler said, “We were stoked on the design of this deck, and our riders have shown nothing but love for its ride. It is the perfect cross between a topmount downhill deck and a freeride longboard, and for $149, you are getting a lot for your money.” As with any Faceplant Boardriders longboard, one can custom order their own personal graphics as well as what Faceplant Boardriders already has to offer.




Wheelbase~ranging from 25.25-27.25″

Construction~12 plies premium baltic birch with FB44E Fiberglass Sandwich Construction.

Flex Rating (1=stiff – 10=flexible): 1

Faceplant Boardriders Owner/Rider Rob Wheeler said, “To meet the demands of hardcore downhillers who love the concave features of the Big Sexy, we are chopping the tail to make the ‘Big Sexy Agent’ which will be a serious topmount downhill deck. Since downhillers have no use for the tail, we decided to create a pocket right over the rear truck for the riders foot when they are pushing the limits of speed.” See more about the Big Sexy on the Faceplant Boardriders website at

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