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White Rock skateboard ban shows divide among age groups

Rolling activities like skateboarding, rollerblading and riding a scooter are banned in White Rock – but council was expected to re-assess the city’s position on the matter at Monday’s meeting.

The amended bylaw was brought to motion by Coun. Larry Robinson.

“I realized what we have is unenforceable, it’s silly,” said Robinson, noting that bikes weren’t safe either. “Under the current bylaw, if you’re on a bicycle and going down say, Columbia Street and you quit pedalling and start coasting, you’re breaking the bylaw. I checked that out with our local enforcement people and they said technically that would be breaking the law.”

Robinson said that since he’s come forward with the issue, he’s received a mixed reaction from residents.

“I’ve had no support from the older White Rock people, but I’ve had emails, phone calls and been stopped on the streets by parents of young people,” he said.

“White Rock focuses very much on providing services and programs for one demographic, which is wonderful, but the fact is there’s a whole youth culture out there that we need to start addressing and making a part of this community.”

The concerns of some of the older residents, said Robinson, appear to stem from a perception that youth engaged in activities such as skateboarding are also those responsible for vandalism and other antisocial behaviors.

“In some instances we’ve had complaints linking skateboarding with vandalism, which is sort of like linking riding a motorcycle with belonging to a gang,” he said, noting it was more of an educational issue than factual one. “The biggest problem I see in White Rock is that we need more young people in positions of authority.”

Additionally, Robinson is seeking to add several definitions to the bylaw, including what defines a helmet, roller skate, skateboard and skateboard park.

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