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NYU skateboarder killed by truck

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Some witnesses said Kyle Larson, above, swerved to avoid a wrong-way cyclist.

A New York University student was hit by a truck and killed while skateboarding in Union Square on Tues., Nov. 20.

Kyle Larson, 20, who hailed from Manhasset, Long Island, was hit by the box truck — which was traveling parallel to him — shortly after 11 a.m. near the corner of Union Square West and E. 17th St. The truck’s driver stayed at the scene, and no criminality was suspected, police said.

Some witnesses said that the tragedy was caused by an unknown bicyclist who rode past Larson going the wrong way, causing him to swerve to avoid the bicyclist and accidentally move into the path of the truck.

A candlelight memorial ceremony for Larson, which was organized by the New York Longboard Association, was held on Saturday night at 14th St. and Broadway.


 Sam Spokony 


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