Skateboarding Shoes

When Will They Make Better Skateboarding Shoes?

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I have been troubled with the notion that skateboarding shoes need much improvement.  I am realizing that a good skateboard obsession requires new skate shoes just about as often as you need a new deck.  What’s up with skateboard shoes lately?  I have seen others try all kinds of different shoes but at the end of the day the sport wears out your shoes faster than Fred Flintstone’s feet wear out from braking in his floorless car.

There has been much improvement in terms of skateboard technology such as lighter and more reliable decks, polyurethane wheels, and frictionless bearings, but where are we with grip tape and shoes?

I spoke with my sons who are competitive skaters and I suggested that I develop a pair of shoes that came with the grip tape on the sole (imagine this on a wood top board – the grip on the shoes, not on the deck?)

Skateboarding Shoes

Brand New Vans Shoe Torn After Only 4 Minutes!

I’m sure the combination of gritty sand on your soles and braking after doing tricks is the main cause for premature sole wear but what about other wear and tear on other parts of the shoe? (see photo below)?

I’m sure Vans, DC, and now Nike can come up with a winning formula for making better skateboard shoes.  Oh yeah almost forgot to mention that we don’t see the problem of worn skateboarding shoes with longboarders, only with those who skate short decks.





When will they make better skateboarding shoes?

How to Paint a Skateboard

How to Paint a Skateboard Professionally at Home

Hey folks if you are trying to figure out how to paint a skateboard professionally jump in the blog and comment or criticize in the comments section below.  This article is meant to solve the problem of those decks you trip over in the shed that the kids don’t want anymore.

I’ve read several similar articles but they don’t go into detail more than “sand board, then prime”.  I wanted to provide more detail as to what sandpaper to use, etc.  Please consider that these tips are for the hobbyist and produce as much a “professional” result as possible, but do not equate to a professional skateboard manufacturer’s methods.  The point being that skateboards, in order to gain speed and agility, require the lightest weight possible in order to defy physics.  Believe it or not, painting a deck in your backyard can produce great looking results, but manufacturers take great lengths to keep the manufacturing process as controlled as possible in order to apply the minimum required amount of paint.  Applying too much paint will increase the deck’s weight and even if you were to increase the weight by only one gram, that would be all too noticeable to a professional skater.  I’m sure Tony Hawk and Shaun White are past the stage of backyard shed projects.


how to paint a skateboard

The “Before” Shot

how to paint a skateboard

The Other “Before” Shot

Unless you can guarantee that you will not sand off too much of the underside art to the detriment of the wood, and apply the exact same amount of paint as previously applied, please ensure that if you are repainting the deck of a pro skater that you set the expectation.



First you’ll need a decent workspace, whether it be a shed or garage or even outdoors.  If you intend to work outdoors, careful when spray painting in a breeze.


You’ll also need some work clothes.  You will get dirty and unless your clothes and workspace has been previously approved by your partner, spouse, or girlfriend, you could find yourself in trouble and ultimately skating alone.


You’ll need to have adequate clean up materials such as a wet cloth to wipe excess paint, a paint area covered by a sheet of cardboard or dropcloth.


Also, though these steps took me about an hour to complete, the whole process took about three days to complete, allowing for the primer and paint to dry sufficiently between steps.  Also, sanding by hand is not recommended.  I highly recommend the use of an electrical sander as it will sand the surface uniformly without creating valleys or carve lines in.


Before beginning, do make sure that the board you are restoring is in fact repairable and that the plies have not separated.

how to paint a skateboard

Unrepairable Deck – The Plies Have Separated


Tools & Equipment for How to Paint a Skateboard

  • An X-Acto or surgical knife
  • A putty knife – a metal one, not a plastic one
  • A blow dryer or paint heat gun
  • 40 grit sand paper
  • 150 grit sand paper
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • An electric sander – with protective glasses and a dust mask
  • Wood filler
  • Acrylic aerosol primer
  • Acrylic aerosol paint
  • Aerosol lacquer or Varathane
  • Mom, dad, or the babysitter’s permission and approval before proceeding


Steps to Prepare for How to Paint a Skateboard

  1.  Take a photo of the “before” deck top and bottom for sake of posterity.  If you can, weigh the board so you have a reference as to the weight of the removed paint and the paint you’re to add.
  2. Using the knife, lift the grip tape at the end of the board and begin peeling

    how to paint a skateboard

    Remove the Grip Tape

  3. If required, use the heat gun or blow dryer to warm the grip tape glue in order to facilitate the peeling process.  Removing the grip tape should take between three and seven minutes.
  4. Using the sander and 40 grit paper, proceed to remove the graphic from the bottom of the deck.  Be patient as this can take 20 minutes.  Apply a lot of pressure on the sander but avoid digging or carving into the wood with the edge of the sander.

    how to paint a skateboard

    Sanding the Deck

  5. Once the graphic has been removed, re-sand with a 150 grit paper in order to smooth out the wood.  This step should take no more than five minutes.
  6. Repair the board as needed using a carpenter quality wood filler paste.  Wood filler is available in many colours and you can even collect some of the sawdust from the previous step and mix it in.  Apply liberal amounts of filler and don’t worry about getting it perfect.  You are not icing a cake.  The important point to remember is not to over work the filler.  Put it on, let it dry, then you will re-sand.  This step should take five minutes.  Then wait 24 hours before sanding the filler.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Fill in the Pressure Cracks

    how to paint a skateboard

    Some Repairs are Needed – Apply Wood Filler

    how to paint a skateboard

    Apply Wood Filler to the Deck

  7. Re-sand the repaired spots with 150 grit paper.

    how to paint a skateboard

    The Wood Filler After Sanding – Looks Pretty Good

  8. Using a damp (not wet) cloth, wipe any excess sawdust from the deck and wait about fifteen minutes.  Next is the real how to p
  9. For the primer, ensure you have properly mixed it.  Apply the primer to each surface of the deck.  I used a paint brush but try finding an aerosol primer.  The trouble with brushes is that you may apply too much primer in certain areas.
  10. how to paint a skateboard

    Apply the Primer

  11. Wait for the primer to dry (about 30 minutes) and re-sand with 150 grit paper.  Do not resand the primer off to the point you will see the wood grain.  Just provide a light sanding to remove any blistering or bubbles from the primer.  You may see the wood through the primer, this is ok.
  12. Before painting the deck, again wipe extra primer dust from the deck with a damp cloth and again wait fifteen minutes before painting.
  13. Shake the aerosol primer can for at least two full minutes.  Hold the can about ten inches away from the deck and spray very lightly until the paint covers the entire surface.  Aerosol cans cause drips and bubbles so if this occurs, wait for drying and resanding, do not overpaint or try to fix wet paint.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Getting Ready to Spray the First Coat

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

  14. Wait 24 hours.  Seriously.  This is the most crucial step to allow the paint to dry.
  15. Sand the painted deck with 220 grit paper and again wipe with damp cloth and wait fifteen minutes


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skateboard dock shoes

My New Shoes

I go through a pair of skate shoes about every three weeks.  My parents are getting annoyed but I got me a summer job mowing lawns so I’ve been pretty much buying all my equipment this summer.

skateboard dock shoes


Hurt A Hipster Hacking Androids, iPhones And Electric Skateboards …

What would be the best way to ruin a hipster’s day? Acquiring control of their MacBook and iPad at the local Starbucks Starbucks would be a good start. Followed, perhaps, by repeatedly unlocking their Android phone and a denouement of disaster by sending them flying from their electric skateboard. Thanks to flawed Bluetooth across those modern dude and dudette necessities, that’s all possible in a morning’s work.

Starting with the Apple Apple operating system vulnerabilities, Mike Ryan, Red Team leader at eBay, discovered a flaw in Bluetooth Low Energy deployments across Mac OS X and iOS. He was able to impersonate a Bluetooth keyboard by spoofing the six-byte unique address used to identify previously-paired devices to connect to a nearby Mac, iPhone, iPad or even Apple TV. This shouldn’t have worked on its own, as Apple’s software also checked for a previously-declared shared encryption key, but, for whatever reason, it allowed connecting Bluetooth devices to pair without that key, nullifying the authentication mechanism.

As long as he could collect that six-byte identifier, by snooping on the network used by a suitable target, he could inject keystrokes on target Apple machines and do whatever he wanted on them. It was possible to spoof a mouse too, which could also be used to send keystrokes, as mice use the same protocol as keyboards, Ryan told FORBES. He will release a paper on the issue in the coming days.

The vulnerability was patched in Mac OS X 10.10, known as Yosemite, and iOS 8.1, but anyone using older operating systems likely remains open to the attack. That would amount to millions, probably tens of millions of Apple machines. Ryan is certain the flaw is still resident in Mac OS X 10.9, which is used by 1.53 per cent of all desktop users on the planet, according to NetMarketShare. Taking a conservative estimate that one billion desktop computers are used in the world, at least 15 million Macs are vulnerable. Using another conservative estimate that 300 million iPhones are in use, and 16 per cent run iOS 7, at least 48 million of them contain the Bluetooth flaw.

As with the recent Rootpipe backdoor in Mac OS X, Apple’s decision not to patch older operating systems leaves a large portion of its customers unprotected. Apple had not responded to FORBES’ requests for comment.

There are problems in Google Google’s Android OS too. Matteo Beccaro, an Italian researcher, has uncovered a variety of problems around Bluetooth, which he will detail at the Defcon hacker conference in August. In particular, he claims to have poked holes in Smart Lock, which opens users’ phones when they’re in proximity to a trusted device. The issue, not too dissimilar to the Apple flaw, would allow an attacker to create a spoof device and pair it with an Android phone and, where Smart Lock was present, unlock it.

Google fixed the problem in version 5.1 of Lollipop, Beccaro said. But again, anyone using an older version of Android could be hit by such attacks. And that would amount to tens of millions of devices, going on Google’s own figures. As Smart Lock was only introduced in 5.0, only that one release remains vulnerable, but that still represents nine per cent of all Androids. Another conservative estimate would suggest somewhere between 500 million Android phones are currently in use, meaning 45 million are vulnerable to Beccaro’s exploits.

Google had not responded to requests for comment.

Skater danger

As for electric skateboards, which users typically control via Bluetooth connected apps, at least one manufacturer hasn’t felt compelled to patch issues that, if exploited, could cause serious physical harm to a skater. Ryan claims to have found a range of issues across at least three models, working alongside Stripe engineer Richo Healey.

Boosted electric skateboard

Boosted boards are said to be open to attack, thanks to bad encryption.

The most pressing issue, originally presented at KiwiCon in New Zealand this past December, remains in boards from Boosted, one of the biggest manufacturers in the burgeoning industry. Ryan and Healey found it was possible to take over the board by impersonating the controller and as a result cause harm to the operator due to the lack of any encryption in the Boosted boards. The company had not responded to a request for comment and Ryan said he was “very disappointed” in the reaction from Boosted, which was alerted to the flaws back in September last year and appeared to have done nothing about them.

The issues discovered by the hacker duo meant they could jam the connection between the controller and board, and, for instance, make it go full speed backwards to catapult a user off their board and onto the asphalt. Or, say, an oncoming vehicle.

Sanjay Dastoor, co-founder of Boosted, said the decision not to use encryption was partly formed to “make it easier for users to connect either their remote or their smartphone to the board… and partially because we did not expect such an exploit would be attempted”. He has now resumed his work with Ryan and Healey and said additional security features were in the works, though there was no timeline on fixes.

According to Aaron Aders, the founder of one of the better-known electric skateboard makers, LEIF Technologies, the company relies on the inherent security of Bluetooth to protect customers from hackers and won’t be bringing in external professionals to assess the potential for attacks. “If this does become a serious issue then we will address it accordingly,” Aders said.

He believes the real problem facing most electric skateboarders is Bluetooth interference, which he has experienced in New York. “If the bluetooth signal momentarily cuts out due to interference then you lose your brakes completely. Not a good thing in NYC – I’ve lost brakes while heading into a busy intersection at 20mph.” LEIF boards have two extra wheels that allow users to slow down like a snowboarder, kicking out the back leg to cause friction.

Without proper security auditing, however, Ryan believes electric skateboard owners, like his Boosted-riding partner Healey, will be put at risk. “When used properly Bluetooth encryption makes for secure communications, but as we demonstrated with Boosted it’s easy to make mistakes that put users at risk. That is why we feel independent security validation is important to ensure products are secure.”

Ryan and Healey will also present their findings at Defcon, where they hope to knock some people off their boards live on stage.

Bluetooth bugbears

Though Bluetooth has continually updated its standards, including the Low Energy (LE) or Smart version, to add better security, many product designers don’t update their devices. Ryan noted there was a “major lag” in releases of Bluetooth and its deployment across devices. He has some particular concerns about the Bluetooth Low Energy standard that’s used widely across wearables, like FitBit, Apple iWatch or Pebbles, though isn’t sure how much useful data could be gleaned from them.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), which oversees the development of the standard, believes companies know when security controls are required. “What is often overlooked is that there is always a trade-off between absolute security and a reasonable level of security considering the data that is being transferred. Companies are aware that they need to consider the full spectrum of available measures against their product’s security requirements,” said Martin Woolley, technical program manager at the Bluetooth SIG.

“For example, the security needs of a smart bulb manufacturer would differ to those of a smart lock manufacturer.”

But hipsters, surely, will be demanding better Bluetooth security from their suppliers. The thought of their dubstep opera being destroyed by Mac hackers, or broken Ray-Bans caused by a skater hater, must be inconceivable. Meanwhile, it looks like there is a website vulnerability on the Urban Outfitters website. Will the pain never end?

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Cache Creek mayor hopes storm won’t impact Graffiti Days

Paramjit Singh surveys the damage inside the Cache Creek Inn. The two-foot-high flood line is clearly visible on the wall of laundry room. The motel was
fully booked when the storm arrived and is today uninhabitable.
Allen Douglas photos/KTW



Cache Creek1 copy

Cache Creek2 copy

Cache Creek3 copy



Cache Creek Mayor Jon Ranta said his village has every intention of being ready for Graffiti Days.

The 28th annual event, a celebration of 1950s and 1960s cars and rock-and-roll music, is scheduled to roll into town from June 12 to June 14.

Despite the destruction and devastation of last weekend’s storm, Ranta is confident the village will be ready.

“Everybody’s working intensely to recover from the disaster,” he said.

Though cleanup has progressed quickly, it’s far from over as a number of residences remain unoccupied around Cache Creek, according to the mayor. Officials are continuing to assess damage in order to determine when residents will be allowed to return to their homes.

Yesterday, evacuation details were revised by the Village of Cache Creek. Evacuation orders were rescinded for more than a dozen properties around the community, but remained in place for areas of Stage Road and the Riverside Mobile Home Park.

Evacuation alerts were rescinded for areas west of the Bonaparte River and North of Todd Road, as well as a property on Stage Road.

Ranta said about 100 people have registered at emergency social services. Roughly 23 homes were subject to evacuation orders earlier in the week, displacing about 40 people.















The damage to the community, including residential homes and public infrastructure, is about $5 million, if not more, Ranta said.

“When you lose four or five or six homes, that’s very significant,” he said. “The damage to Stage Road and other infrastructure in the community — that all adds up very quickly.”

Earlier this week, B.C. Premier Christy Clark toured the damage done by the flash flood, calling the devastation “unbelievable.”

The violent storm dumped 30 to 40 millimetres of rain on the village in less than an hour last Saturday.

After touring the area on Tuesday morning, Clark said the community is resilient and the B.C. government will help in the recovery effort as much as possible.

“This is a desert community. They haven’t seen anything like this in — nobody can remember in at least a hundred years,” Clark said.





1 Laurie Rennie in Caribou Road Trailer Park echoed what was said everywhere - I was lucky - house on right uninhabitable_4701 copy









Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) has been made available by the province for homeowners, residential tenants, small business owners, farmers, charitable organizations and local governments who were unable to obtain insurance coverage for disaster-related losses.

DFA provides funding for 80 per cent of the total eligible damage that exceeds $1,000, to a maximum of $300,000. The money covers essential, non-discretionary items.

The Canadian Red Cross has also stepped in to operate a resiliency centre in Cache Creek until June 2.

Meanwhile, the Kamloops Salvation Army is accepting donations for the community and has been in Cache Creek for most of the week.

Capt. Lisa Trickett said the organization handed out more than 600 bottles of water in three days in the village. The hot-meal truck has been on site all week, too, providing residents and workers with food as the cleanup continues.

The organization is continuing to collect donations at its North Shore thrift store — 533 Tranquille Rd. in North Kamloops — particularly non-perishable food items.

Trickett said the Salvation Army is continuing to assess the need on site.

Once all of the residents have been allowed to returned to their homes, it will determine if there is need for furniture or household goods that can be fulfilled from its thrift store.

The village of Cache Creek is also accepting donations to help individuals impacted by the storm. To donate, go online to and click on the Flood Fundraiser tab.













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Grand Rapids police investigating graffiti on southwest side homes

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Several people who live on the southwest side of Grand Rapids woke up to find graffiti painted on their homes.

The majority of the graffiti is on Rose Street and the marking appear to be gang symbols.  At least seven homes on Rose and Stewart Streets were hit last night.

Judy Nelmark, who lives in the area with her sister and brother-in-law, says this is uncharacteristic in their neighborhood.  They believe it happened between midnight and 4:00am.

Grand Rapids Police tell us that “gang tagging” becomes a problem as the whether gets warm.  Lt. Patrick Merrill says that the city has an aggressive and procative “graffiti abatement” team and, with owner’s permission, Public Works will paint over markings or scrub it off with a power washer, free of charge.

People should call police to make reports of graffiti or can call 311 to report it to the city.



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Graffiti art — vandalism or artistic expression?

Should graffiti be considered art or vandalism?

“It may be called art, but I don’t like it,” replied Paula DuBois of Gary.

I asked DuBois this loaded question as she looked at a freshly painted graffiti art project on the long-closed Ming Ling restaurant in the Miller section of her city. Like with most passers-by, including her three older female friends that day, DuBois had to study the graffiti to make heads or tails of it.

At first blush, it looks like vandalism. Upon further review, it becomes art. Of sorts.

The two artists who created this project are known in the graffiti art world as Zore and ZorZorZor. They painted this project last week and have already moved on to find other streetscape canvases, beginning in Germany.

“The fact these artists want to come to our town and share their art with us, free of charge, says a lot,” said Meg Roman, executive director of the Miller Beach Arts Creative District. “It really captures the community spirit that is so alive in Miller, and gives local artists and performers a chance to showcase their work.”

Zore and ZorZorZor came to Miller to showcase their internationally known work as part of the ongoing “Lake Effekt” summer festival taking place through June 13. (For information, go to

Hosted by Roman’s organization and supported by dozens of vendors, artists and area groups, the festival is a three-week celebration of art exhibits, pop-up art displays and panel discussions about the very nature of art.

Most specifically graffiti art, which has gang-related origins and a vandalism-pockmarked reputation. The festival’s 2013 debut was very successful, but it also prompted critical questions about showcasing graffiti as art. Critics asked if this form of art would spread into vandalism across the city and beyond. No, it did not.

However, with another fest taking place soon, similar fears and concerns have popped up about graffiti murals in this small arts-friendly community.

“Most people in town don’t want this in our neighborhood,” said Bob Massimino, a Miller resident who joined a lively debate on my Facebook page about this issue. “This does not help promote a safe and business-friendly atmosphere.”

Cullen Ben-Daniel, president of the Miller Historical Society, disagreed.

Horrific death scene haunts, angers county coroner

‘Horrific’ death scene haunts, angers county coroner Jerry Davich Throughout all his years as county coroner, deputy coroner and funeral home director, involving hundreds of deaths and gruesome corpses, last week’s case clutched Chuck Harris and still hasn’t let go. Throughout all his years as county coroner, deputy coroner and funeral home director, involving hundreds of deaths and gruesome corpses, last week’s case clutched Chuck Harris and still hasn’t let go. ( Jerry Davich ) –>

“This is not vandalism,” he countered. “These are murals which are being created under contract with the owners of these buildings. Just because you don’t like this type of art, or don’t understand the purpose of this event, does not make it vandalism.”

This hits at the crux of this controversial topic — education versus interpretation.

“The untrained eye will see graffiti solely as vandalism or urban decay,” said Ishmael Muhammad Nieves of Hammond, who goes by “Ish” in the graffiti world.

What some observers interpret as urban blight, others see as urban bloom, says Ish, who’s been creating such murals for more than 30 years.

He organized the street-art section of the inaugural fest and he’s back again to help recruit new artists, educate visitors and dispel decades-old myths about graffiti art. On Saturday evening, he will be leading a public discussion at the Marshall J. Gardner Center for the Arts titled: Is It Art or Vandalism?

“It’s both actually,” said Ish, an electrical engineer by trade who grew up on New York City’s Lower East Side. “It’s a 60-year-old question that’s never been fully answered.”

He readily acknowledged graffiti art’s roots with street gangs “tagging” their turf but says it has since evolved into an artistic expression. Just because it’s gang influenced doesn’t mean it’s gang-related, like many other forms of art, including hip-hop music, Ish noted.

Graffiti art also has served as a social identity for generations of youth.

“For many people, they don’t understand it. It’s like a foreign language,” Ish said.

Many of the buildings used for this art form have been long abandoned and long ignored by the surrounding community, Ish said. Until the buildings become art canvases and draw ire from residents, similar to what happened to Ming Ling.

Mercy, girls soccer game ends in odd twist

Mercy, girls’ soccer game ends in odd twist Jerry Davich Did you hear the one about the girls’ soccer game that took a bounce toward bizarre and then scissor-kicked downward from there? Did you hear the one about the girls’ soccer game that took a bounce toward bizarre and then scissor-kicked downward from there? ( Jerry Davich ) –>

It should be noted that Roman’s organization has signed contracts from all business owners allowing their property to be adorned with graffiti art.

“This is a completely sanctioned public art event,” she said. “The owners give permission for their walls to be painted, but the artists have artistic license for what images they are going to paint. If an owner wants a specific image created it is considered commissioned work for which the artist would be paid.”

The contract also states no violence or profanity can be depicted.

On Saturday night, Ish will use a PowerPoint presentation to aid his public discussion.

“Images speak louder than words,” he said.

This is the mantra for many of these artists, such as Flex, Traz, Steph, The Champ, Skeme and T-Kid, coming from Northwest Indiana, Chicago, Indianapolis and New York.

“The artists are wonderful people, very organized, polite, passionate, interesting and multifaceted,” Roman said. “Graffiti art, public art and graffiti writing is simply another art form. Art is personal and can take on many forms. It would not make sense to expect everyone to have the same taste.

“I did not know a great deal about graffiti before I started working with the crew on this project, but I am very pleased to say I have been enlightened.”

After studying the graffiti on Ming Ling’s walls, and talking with Ish, who I’ve known for many years, I, too, feel more enlightened about this subject. I challenge you to visit Lake Street in Miller and decide for yourself before tagging your prejudice on this colorful issue.

Roman will be a guest on my “Casual Fridays” radio show at noon Friday on WLPR-FM, 89.1, streaming at Call in to join the discussion at (219) 769-9577.

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#SprayBoyMansion: Luxury building company lets young graffiti artists spray …

  • Glenvill Custom Homes let graffiti artists spray paint $1.7 million mansion
  • A ‘demolition party’ was thrown at the home in Elsternwick, Melbourne
  • Pictures of the party, understood to be for an 18th birthday, were posted to Instagram using the hashtag #sprayboymansion
  • The home is still standing two months after the party was held
  • Neighbours say they fear the home is now being used by squatters 

Sarah Michael for Daily Mail Australia


A luxury building company let a group of graffiti artists spray paint a $1.7 million Melbourne mansion in which a ‘demolition party’ was thrown.

Pictures of the party, understood to be for an 18th birthday, and the tags covering the luxury property were posted to Instagram using the hashtag #sprayboymansion.

Delays to demolition plans mean the spray-painted house in the inner-city suburb of Elsternwick, which is owned by Glenvill Custom Homes, is still standing two months after the party was held. 

Glenvill Custom Homes let young graffiti artists spray paint a $1.7 million Melbourne mansion

Glenvill Custom Homes let young graffiti artists spray paint a $1.7 million Melbourne mansion

Neighbours in the inner-city suburb of Elsternwick say they now fear the home is being used by squatters

Neighbours in the inner-city suburb of Elsternwick say they now fear the home is being used by squatters

The three-bedroom property on Kooyong Road (pictured before it was spray painted) was purchased by building company Glenvill in November

The three-bedroom property on Kooyong Road (pictured before it was spray painted) was purchased by building company Glenvill in November

Locals said graffiti artists began tagging the property on the day a ‘demolition party’ was held

The three-bedroom property on Kooyong Road, which boasts two levels and a tennis court, was purchased by building company Glenvill in November.

Neighbours say they fear the home is now being used by squatters, the Mordialloc Chelsea Leader reported.

Local residents said they were told the home was being used for an 18th birthday and said graffiti artists began tagging the property on the day of the party.

‘I called out to them and they said “Oh no it’s OK, it’s a demolition party,”‘ one neighbour told the Leader.

Pictures of the graffiti and of the partygoers were posted to Instagram by multiple people.

Glenvill general manager Cameron George told Daily Mail Australia the house would be knocked down next week to make way for a new development.

A 'demolition party' was held at the property in March, understood to be for an 18th birthday

A ‘demolition party’ was held at the property in March, understood to be for an 18th birthday

Pictures of the party and the tags covering the luxury property were posted to Instagram using the hashtag #sprayboymansion

Pictures of the party and the tags covering the luxury property were posted to Instagram using the hashtag #sprayboymansion

A Glenvill spokesman said the company had approved for graffiti to be spray painted on the walls inside

A Glenvill spokesman said the company had approved for graffiti to be spray painted on the walls inside

Mr George said the company had approved for graffiti to be spray painted on the walls inside. 

‘A group of up and coming street artists were invited to create works on the inside of the property only, however unfortunately this extended to outside of the property,’ he said.

‘The intention was to have the property demolished soon after the works were created, however due to unforeseen delays associated with the decommissioning of gas services, the demolition is taking place later than planned.’ 

Two young women who posted pictures of the party along with the hashtag #sprayboymansion have the same surname as Glenvill’s CEO.

Mr George would not comment on why the house was allowed to be spray painted and used for a party, or the relationship between the young women and the CEO.

Glenvill general manager Cameron George said the house would be knocked down next week

Glenvill general manager Cameron George said the house would be knocked down next week

The house - which boasts two levels, three levels and a tennis court - before it was spray painted

The house – which boasts two levels, three levels and a tennis court – before it was spray painted

'The intention was to have the property demolished soon after the works were created, however due to unforeseen delays... the demolition is taking place later than planned,' Mr George said

‘The intention was to have the property demolished soon after the works were created, however due to unforeseen delays… the demolition is taking place later than planned,’ Mr George said

Mr George would not comment on why the house was allowed to be spray painted and used for a party

Mr George would not comment on why the house was allowed to be spray painted and used for a party


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Money needed in graffiti fight

Sports Complex Graffiti

Sports Complex Graffiti

City graffiti abatement worker Jeff Chancellor uses a citrus based cleaner to removed spray-painted words and images from the Tracy Sports Complex, 955 Crossroads Dr., on Thursday morning.

Sports Complex Graffiti

Sports Complex Graffiti

City graffiti abatement worker Jeff Chancellor uses a citrus based cleaner to removed spray-painted words and images from the Tracy Sports Complex, 955 Crossroads Dr., on Thursday morning.

Sports Complex Graffiti

Sports Complex Graffiti

City graffiti abatement worker Jeff Chancellor photographs spray painted images at the Tracy Sports Complex, 955 Crossroads Dr., that may have gang meaning to send to the Tracy Police Department for investigation.

Sports Complex Graffiti

Sports Complex Graffiti

City graffiti abatement worker Jeff Chancellor uses a citrus based cleaner to removed spray-painted words and images from the Tracy Sports Complex, 955 Crossroads Dr., on Thursday morning.

Posted: Thursday, May 28, 2015 5:57 pm

Money needed in graffiti fight

Press staff report

Golden State Newspapers


An increase in graffiti around Tracy is prompting a request for more money to fight the problem.

A spate of spray paint tagging across town drew the attention of the Public Works Department on Thursday.

City graffiti abatement worker Jeff Chancellor used a citrus-based cleaner to removed spray-painted words and images from the Tracy Sports Complex, 955 Crossroads Drive — his first stop of the day.

Chancellor spent hours at the Sports Complex to remove spray-painted words and images throughout the city park.

Chancellor then reported to Bland Park, 1753 Blandford Lane, to clean up more tagging on the bathroom and other parts of the park.

Public Works superintendent Robert Gravelle said the city spent about $80,000 in the last fiscal year to remove graffiti from public property but plans to ask the City Council on Tuesday to approve about $94,000 for the program next year.

“The amount of graffiti has increased substantially,” Gravelle said, adding that he was not sure what was behind the increase.

Gravelle encouraged the public to call the Graffiti Hotline at 831-6583 or use the City of Tracy GoRequest mobile app.

“We take care of graffiti within 24 hours of reporting or the next working day,” he said.

Contact the Tracy Press at or 835-3030.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015 5:57 pm.

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Skateboarding Association Reaches Fundraising Goal for New Skate Park

Skateboarding Association raised $270,000

It was a three year fundraising journey, but Central Wyoming Skateboarding Association members finally raised enough money to build a new Riverton skate park. Skateboarders say a new park is needed because the current one has cracks and protruding nails that cause kids to wreck. News 13′s Jenna Jackson speaks with association members who tell us why they’re so excited.

The Central Wyoming Skateboarding Association finally raised the $270,000 to build a new skate park.

“God bless the kinds because they’re the ones that made this happen,” says Doug Bebout, Central Wyoming Skateboarding Association.

“It’s a culmination of a three year uphill battle, that has been so rewarding and yet so challenging for quite a few people,” says Matt Wright, Central Wyoming Skateboarding Association.

The Association received funds from outside organizations that helped them reach their goal.

“We’re really thankful to School District 25 Rec Board for doing a matching grant for $10,000 and then of course the Daniel’s Fund came through for us with a $100,000 grant which really helped us,” says Bebout.

Not only are the kids excited, but also parents.

“It’s really neat to see that progress and to have a better park with more features and a better way for them to learn how to do things,” says Ashley Fischer, Maddyx’s Mother.

The new park will be in the front of City Park. Members are still hoping to raise more money for extra features such as benches and lights.

“Lights are a big deal because it’d make the park a safer place at night to have it light up a bit,” says Bebout.

Groundbreaking for the skate park is June 13th. There will also be a skateboarding competition and activities for young children. Want to help? Here’s the address to send money.

P.O. Box 1599
Riverton, WY

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North Carolina teacher severely injured after skateboarding accident

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — Friends and students came together Tuesday night to pray for a Gaston County teacher.

Adam Lynn, a husband and father, is fighting for his life after a serious skateboarding accident.

Dozens showed up to pray for Lynn, a teacher at Gaston Christian and Bible study leader at Parkwood Baptist. Some church leaders traveled to Tennessee to be with him as doctors treat him for a severe brain injury.

Read more: WSOC

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City gives skateboarders green light for bike paths

Skateboarders are now allowed on bike paths in Montreal. But those hordes of helmeted kids rolling on residential roads and teens commuting to school on streets without cycle lanes are still technically breaking the law and at risk of getting slapped with a $60 fine.

Montreal city council unanimously passed a motion by Verdun city councillor and skateboarder Sterling Downey on Monday asking that skateboarding be recognized as a form of active transit similar to walking or cycling, and to amend a bylaw so they can be used on the city’s bike paths in all boroughs.

Last December, the city of Montreal released its new regulations outlining which users are allowed on its increasingly popular and congested bike paths. Bicycles, in-line skates, wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs made the cut. Skateboarders, walkers, scooters and joggers did not. On Monday, skateboarders, already a common sight on bike paths, were given an official reprieve.

“(The previous omission of skateboards) was a contradiction of everything that most municipalities have done or invested in,” Downey said. “If you’re going to spend $500,000 on a skate park in a borough but you are going to make it illegal for people to travel to it, I think it’s a bit of a contradiction.”

The softening in attitudes is in part a generational shift. Downey, a member of opposition party Projet Montréal, noted support for his motion was bolstered by the fact many city councillors acknowledged having purchased skateboards for their own children.

While the city has jurisdiction over bike paths on its territory, provincial law dictates regulations covering city streets under the Highway Safety Code, which has prohibited skateboards from city streets since 1986. In-line skates are also illegal.

Aref Salem, executive committee member responsible for transport, said the city is working on attaining special recognition as a metropolis, which would give it powers to dictate things like vehicle speed limits and skateboarding rules on its territory. In April, Quebec Transport Minister Robert Poëti said he was considering changes, but would not commit to further details, Global News reported.

Montreal police can and do ticket skateboarders, although André Durocher, an inspector with the force’s road safety division, said officers are aware the practice is widespread and try to err on the side of common sense. In 2014, police gave out 66 tickets for in-line skating and skateboarding on city streets.

“Generally speaking, with the kids, we do a lot of education and try to raise awareness,” he said. “With most people it does work. Some people will not care and these people can be ticketed if they are not respecting the law.”

Durocher likens Montreal’s city streets to an aquarium constantly having to adapt to new species dropped into the ecosystem, be they cyclists or skateboards or scooters.

“Skateboards and Rollerblades are an active mode of transportation that should be encouraged, but there also needs to be legislation, not only for their safety, but for the safety of all users of the road,” he said.

Downey said at least 15 of his constituents and friends have contacted him to say they have been ticketed for riding their skateboards recently as the weather has warmed.

“Most people don’t even realize it’s illegal,” he said. “Any time you are talking about sharing any kind of space, there are concerns and issues. But they have to be addressed. (Skateboarders and vehicles) have been sharing the space for 30 years. We can’t just keep ignoring it.”

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