Skateboarding Shoes

When Will They Make Better Skateboarding Shoes?

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I have been troubled with the notion that skateboarding shoes need much improvement.  I am realizing that a good skateboard obsession requires new skate shoes just about as often as you need a new deck.  What’s up with skateboard shoes lately?  I have seen others try all kinds of different shoes but at the end of the day the sport wears out your shoes faster than Fred Flintstone’s feet wear out from braking in his floorless car.

There has been much improvement in terms of skateboard technology such as lighter and more reliable decks, polyurethane wheels, and frictionless bearings, but where are we with grip tape and shoes?

I spoke with my sons who are competitive skaters and I suggested that I develop a pair of shoes that came with the grip tape on the sole (imagine this on a wood top board – the grip on the shoes, not on the deck?)

Skateboarding Shoes

Brand New Vans Shoe Torn After Only 4 Minutes!

I’m sure the combination of gritty sand on your soles and braking after doing tricks is the main cause for premature sole wear but what about other wear and tear on other parts of the shoe? (see photo below)?

I’m sure Vans, DC, and now Nike can come up with a winning formula for making better skateboard shoes.  Oh yeah almost forgot to mention that we don’t see the problem of worn skateboarding shoes with longboarders, only with those who skate short decks.





When will they make better skateboarding shoes?

How to Paint a Skateboard

How to Paint a Skateboard Professionally at Home

Hey folks if you are trying to figure out how to paint a skateboard professionally jump in the blog and comment or criticize in the comments section below.  This article is meant to solve the problem of those decks you trip over in the shed that the kids don’t want anymore.

I’ve read several similar articles but they don’t go into detail more than “sand board, then prime”.  I wanted to provide more detail as to what sandpaper to use, etc.  Please consider that these tips are for the hobbyist and produce as much a “professional” result as possible, but do not equate to a professional skateboard manufacturer’s methods.  The point being that skateboards, in order to gain speed and agility, require the lightest weight possible in order to defy physics.  Believe it or not, painting a deck in your backyard can produce great looking results, but manufacturers take great lengths to keep the manufacturing process as controlled as possible in order to apply the minimum required amount of paint.  Applying too much paint will increase the deck’s weight and even if you were to increase the weight by only one gram, that would be all too noticeable to a professional skater.  I’m sure Tony Hawk and Shaun White are past the stage of backyard shed projects.


how to paint a skateboard

The “Before” Shot

how to paint a skateboard

The Other “Before” Shot

Unless you can guarantee that you will not sand off too much of the underside art to the detriment of the wood, and apply the exact same amount of paint as previously applied, please ensure that if you are repainting the deck of a pro skater that you set the expectation.



First you’ll need a decent workspace, whether it be a shed or garage or even outdoors.  If you intend to work outdoors, careful when spray painting in a breeze.


You’ll also need some work clothes.  You will get dirty and unless your clothes and workspace has been previously approved by your partner, spouse, or girlfriend, you could find yourself in trouble and ultimately skating alone.


You’ll need to have adequate clean up materials such as a wet cloth to wipe excess paint, a paint area covered by a sheet of cardboard or dropcloth.


Also, though these steps took me about an hour to complete, the whole process took about three days to complete, allowing for the primer and paint to dry sufficiently between steps.  Also, sanding by hand is not recommended.  I highly recommend the use of an electrical sander as it will sand the surface uniformly without creating valleys or carve lines in.


Before beginning, do make sure that the board you are restoring is in fact repairable and that the plies have not separated.

how to paint a skateboard

Unrepairable Deck – The Plies Have Separated


Tools & Equipment for How to Paint a Skateboard

  • An X-Acto or surgical knife
  • A putty knife – a metal one, not a plastic one
  • A blow dryer or paint heat gun
  • 40 grit sand paper
  • 150 grit sand paper
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • An electric sander – with protective glasses and a dust mask
  • Wood filler
  • Acrylic aerosol primer
  • Acrylic aerosol paint
  • Aerosol lacquer or Varathane
  • Mom, dad, or the babysitter’s permission and approval before proceeding


Steps to Prepare for How to Paint a Skateboard

  1.  Take a photo of the “before” deck top and bottom for sake of posterity.  If you can, weigh the board so you have a reference as to the weight of the removed paint and the paint you’re to add.
  2. Using the knife, lift the grip tape at the end of the board and begin peeling

    how to paint a skateboard

    Remove the Grip Tape

  3. If required, use the heat gun or blow dryer to warm the grip tape glue in order to facilitate the peeling process.  Removing the grip tape should take between three and seven minutes.
  4. Using the sander and 40 grit paper, proceed to remove the graphic from the bottom of the deck.  Be patient as this can take 20 minutes.  Apply a lot of pressure on the sander but avoid digging or carving into the wood with the edge of the sander.

    how to paint a skateboard

    Sanding the Deck

  5. Once the graphic has been removed, re-sand with a 150 grit paper in order to smooth out the wood.  This step should take no more than five minutes.
  6. Repair the board as needed using a carpenter quality wood filler paste.  Wood filler is available in many colours and you can even collect some of the sawdust from the previous step and mix it in.  Apply liberal amounts of filler and don’t worry about getting it perfect.  You are not icing a cake.  The important point to remember is not to over work the filler.  Put it on, let it dry, then you will re-sand.  This step should take five minutes.  Then wait 24 hours before sanding the filler.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Fill in the Pressure Cracks

    how to paint a skateboard

    Some Repairs are Needed – Apply Wood Filler

    how to paint a skateboard

    Apply Wood Filler to the Deck

  7. Re-sand the repaired spots with 150 grit paper.

    how to paint a skateboard

    The Wood Filler After Sanding – Looks Pretty Good

  8. Using a damp (not wet) cloth, wipe any excess sawdust from the deck and wait about fifteen minutes.  Next is the real how to p
  9. For the primer, ensure you have properly mixed it.  Apply the primer to each surface of the deck.  I used a paint brush but try finding an aerosol primer.  The trouble with brushes is that you may apply too much primer in certain areas.
  10. how to paint a skateboard

    Apply the Primer

  11. Wait for the primer to dry (about 30 minutes) and re-sand with 150 grit paper.  Do not resand the primer off to the point you will see the wood grain.  Just provide a light sanding to remove any blistering or bubbles from the primer.  You may see the wood through the primer, this is ok.
  12. Before painting the deck, again wipe extra primer dust from the deck with a damp cloth and again wait fifteen minutes before painting.
  13. Shake the aerosol primer can for at least two full minutes.  Hold the can about ten inches away from the deck and spray very lightly until the paint covers the entire surface.  Aerosol cans cause drips and bubbles so if this occurs, wait for drying and resanding, do not overpaint or try to fix wet paint.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Getting Ready to Spray the First Coat

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

  14. Wait 24 hours.  Seriously.  This is the most crucial step to allow the paint to dry.
  15. Sand the painted deck with 220 grit paper and again wipe with damp cloth and wait fifteen minutes


Thanks for reading How to Paint a Skateboard



skateboard dock shoes

My New Shoes

I go through a pair of skate shoes about every three weeks.  My parents are getting annoyed but I got me a summer job mowing lawns so I’ve been pretty much buying all my equipment this summer.

skateboard dock shoes


Police investigate after swastika graffiti is daubed on building in east London

The pro-Nazi graffiti was found scrawled on a building in Comberton Road, Upper Clapton.

It was discovered by Jewish community safety patrol group Shomrim yesterday afternoon.

Members of the charity said similar graffiti cropped up in the same location last month.

It has been reported to the Metropolitan Police and officers from Hackney are investigating.

Enquiries continue.

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Graffiti? Get Sparkle Wash to the rescue!

No one likes graffiti, except for those who enjoy creatively defacing public surfaces.  What some call art, is usually unwanted by tenants, property managers and customers.  If graffiti artists have tagged your property, it is wise to remove it quickly so that other taggers won’t start a paint battle at your expense. Looking for the best graffiti removal service in the market?  Call Sparkle Wash! You’ll be amazed at our professional results. Soon you’ll be saying graffiti…what graffiti?

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Columbus community condemns graffiti left on three local churches

By Eric Levy

COLUMBUS, Ind. (Aug. 31, 2014) — Three Columbus churches are hit by graffiti artists, who left a message that many are questioning.

The graffiti artist tagged the outside of the churches with specific chapters and verses from the Quran. The vandalism is being condemned by members of the Islamic religion and the entire community.

The word “infidels” and “Qur’an 3:151? were written in black spray paint on the front and side of St. Bartholomew Catholic Church.

“It’s upsetting to people, certainly because we have a beautiful church, but also because what is the message if there is a message? Because, there’s just not a whole lot to go on,” said Father Doug Marcotte, Associate Pastor for St. Bartholomew Catholic Church.

Fr. Marcotte thinks it happened sometime between Saturday night and before Sunday church services. It was discovered, but quickly removed. Though there are still a lot of questions as to why “infidels”, and why the Quran.

“What are you trying to say, and are you just trying to be mean,” asked Fr. Marcotte.

Similar graffiti was cleaned off the front of Lakeview Church of Christ in Columbus. No specific mention of the Quran here, but “infidels” and another word were spray painted by the front door.

“Qur’an 19:88? and “infidels” were left on two spots of East Columbus Christian Church during that same time period.

“We condemn this, and I read the verse, most importantly what that showed me is the ignorance who actually misquoted or misinterpreted the Quran,” said Nassim Khaled, a resident of Columbus who volunteers at the Islamic Center.

Khaled says the important thing to realize is reading the verses, that were spray painted on the buildings, alone, can make them sound scary. In his eyes, they’re actually far from that. Khaled met with members of that East Columbus Christian Church to show togetherness.

“We show our support, we actually want to come and clean this mess with our friends and neighbors of the church,” he said.

Police have been notified, and one of the churches actually had a surveillance camera nearby. They hope that’ll provide some clue as to who did this.

Article source:

Toronto photographer embarks on a mission to rid city of graffiti

ABOVE: Find out how photographer George Pimentel is fighting back against graffiti in his neighbourhood 

It’s a form of graffiti spotted everywhere in the city. It’s called tagging, where the graffiti artist paints their signature.

“I’m just tired of seeing tagging all over the city,” lamented George Pimentel, as he painted over the graffiti splashed on his neighbour’s fence.

“For me, this is not art,” said the well-known celebrity photographer who creates art for a living. He counts Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Johnny Depp among the people he has photographed.

Three years ago, Pimentel voluntarily began painting over graffiti tags near his Dundas Street West and Lansdowne Avenue studio.

“I called the City of Toronto. They wouldn’t do anything because we’re dealing with private property. Maybe my neighbours will catch on. It’s like sweeping your floor. Take care of your space. It makes the community look better.”

Pimentel went further than just erasing the graffiti. He also installed security cameras outside his studio in an effort to catch the culprits.

Last Thursday, his surveillance captured a group of young men spray painting the building across from his studio.

“They were laughing. They climbed on each other’s shoulders.”

“I hand in video tapes. I’m working with police. And they go and catch them,” added Pimentel.

It is a criminal offence to vandalize private property, with Toronto Police laying charges of mischief.

Authorities urge victims of graffiti to remove it as quickly as possible because it lessens the likelihood that it will happen again.

“They end up wasting their paint on me. So they’ll just figure we’ll waste their paint on someone else,” said Pimentel.

He believes his building falls victim to spray paint less often than his neighbours because of his fast action.

But in order to decrease graffiti vandalism long-term, Pimentel encourages the painting of large pieces of artwork called murals.

“This will prevent the taggers from tagging. The taggers respect art.”

The City of Toronto has a program that promotes street art. StreetARToronto tries to develop and promote the painting of murals while combating unwanted graffiti.

“I think the city needs to get a bigger program. Get students and artists involved,” said Pimentel.

In the meantime, he will continue to paint over the graffiti in his community.

“Tagging will always be there,” he admitted, although he’s trying his best to prevent it.

Even if it never goes away for good, he’ll push as hard as he can.

© Shaw Media, 2014

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BEST OF THE WEEK #74: Du skateboard dans la Playboy Mansion

Le skater Américain Eli Reed s’invite chez Hugh Hefner et ses playmates pour une session de skate atypique.

Qui ne rêverait pas d’être à la place d’Eli Reed, skater professionnel Américain en tournée pour son film Lost Paradise. Pour sortir de l’ordinaire, il a eu l’idée d’investir la Playboy Mansion et skater les lieux accompagné des jolies Playmates. Même si les tricks ne sont pas délirants, la vidéo vaut vraiment le coup d’oeil, particulièrement si vous êtes un homme. Sit back and relax comme on dit outre-atlantique.

Nitro Circus nous emmène dans leur show enflammé. BMX, Scooter, Roller sont la base de la naissance de la Triganta Ramp. De gros backflips sont envoyés sur cette piste, mais ça ne passe pas à tous les coups ! Peu importe, les casse-cou assure le spectacle !

Le jeune Hugo Falconnat nous montre l’étendue de son talent avec sa trottinette. Backflip, superman et autres prouesses techniques sont au programme de cette superbe vidéo. Ce jeune à de l’avenir!

Grâce à l’ Action Cam de chez Contour, nous pouvons nous mettre à la place de Cam Zink, le rider qui a établi le nouveau record du monde du plus long backflip. Il lui aura fallu beaucoup de courage et d’entrainement pour réussir cet exploit.

Agé de 15 ans seulement, le jeune surfeur Léo Etienne nous partage l’expérience d’un mois entier dans les vagues d’Indonésie. Le champion du monde U16 nous montre son aisance déconcertante pour son âge.

Le Billabong Pro de Tahiti édition 2014 à sacré le surfeur Brésilien Gabriel Medina, en finale contre le vétéran Kelly Slater. Cette édition a été l’une des meilleures à ce jour. Un très bon swell, de gros barrels et des surfeurs au top ont assurés le show!

Le pilote de chez RedBull, Hannes Arch, nous emmène à bord de son avion pour une séance d’acrobaties de haut vol. Grâce à plusieurs GoPro accrochées sur les ailes de son appareil, nous pouvons nous rendre compte de la vitesse et de la difficulté de ce que le pilote réalise.

Cette compétition de Freestyle MX est tout simplement superbe Pendant 3 min environ, les riders enchaînent des figures les plus improbables les unes que les autres. Un seul pilote est sacré au final, mais ces athlètes méritent tous les honneurs pour leur prouesses!

Le Hollandais Deen Mondt est particulièrement connu pour toujours vouloir aller plus vite sur les routes de montagne. Equipée de son Rayne Longboard, il va faire des pointes à plus de 90km/h sur cette route fermée de Peyragudes dans les Pyrénées. A saluer également la performance de son filmmaker attitré, Daniel Hawes, le suivant sur son longskate équipée de sa caméra.

Nick McNutt est un des skieurs les plus engagés au monde, comme le prouvent les premières images de cet edit où il dégringole pas moins de 500m de hors piste rocheux sur le dos et sur la tete. Ne vous focalisez pas sur ses grosses chutes mais plutôt sur les vols impressionnants où il enchaine rotations et grabs variés.

Volcom nous présente son innovation dans le monde des sports de neige. Sa veste zippée au pantalon empêche tout infiltration de neige lors d’une grosse boite et emprisonne la chaleur du corps. Alors si comme Curtis Ciszek, vous aimez vous rouler dans la neige, foncez dans votre shop le plus proche.

Nous vous présentons Leo Etienne, Champion du monde Junior moins de 16 ans.

Vous avez manqué notre BOW # 73?

Un clip vous intéresse particulièrement? Retrouvez ci-dessous l’intégralité des clips présent dans notre BOW!













Graffiti has become an endangered art form in Harlingen due to the vigilance and efforts of graffiti-abatement city employee Raul Reyes.

His full-time, city-wide cleanup mission began in 2006. Equipped with two trucks, a generator and power washers, Reyes patrols Harlingen when he’s not responding to calls from citizens or businesses. “If you drive around town, you won’t hardly notice any graffiti compared to many cities,” he proudly said.

The patrols are not random because he knows the locations where graffiti often appears.

Wal-Mart donated the first set of paint supplies in 2006. Since then, the police department purchases paint supplies after it obtains quotes from local vendors, said Gang Intelligence Officer Robert Ornelas, who serves as Reyes’ supervisor. The anti-graffiti supply budget for fiscal year 2013-2014 was at $2,283 in early August.

“This expenditure for the graffiti abatement program is minimal when compared to the overall improvement and savings to the community,” Ornelas said.

Most of the Harlingen graffiti represents communication between gangs because the spray paint symbols “tag” an area where gang members try to exert their influence, he explained.

Reyes said that unauthorized painters often target public areas that offer the potential for high visibility. “It’s a cat and mouse game,” he added.

Wherever Reyes sees graffiti he locates the property owner and offers to remove or cover the unwelcome art; he leaves a business card even if a property owner declines the free service. His cell phone number is 956-244-2965.

“The power washer removes most of the spray paints or I can cover over the graffiti,” he said. “I will do whatever it takes to get rid of the graffiti depending upon the original surface.”

A Weslaco native, Reyes said that he seldom paid attention to graffiti prior to accepting the job. He began working for a manufacturing company in Harlingen in 1979, he recalled, and then he took on the anti-graffiti challenge.

The number of graffiti incidents dropped from 250 reports in 2009 to 146 reports in 2010. The patrols proved effective, too, as he did 1,547 cleanups in 2010 and 1,455 cleanups in 2011. The patrols and cleanups resulted in special recognition for Reyes. He received a Certificate of Merit from the police chief on Jan. 12, 2012, for handling 5,362 graffiti cases from May 2009 through December 2011.

The statistics for 2013 showed 51 reports and 774 cleanups. The abatement program has made progress, but it’s an ongoing effort, Ornelas said.

“I don’t know if the graffiti artists get tired, but I’m always here to clean it up,” Reyes said.

Article source:

Teens with red paint on their hands caught spraying graffiti

Two mischievous teens were caught red-handed—literally—after they vandalized two civil war landmarks on the Upper West Side, police said.

Cops were on patrol Thursday night when they got a call for a couple of graffiti vandals tagging the cenotaph on Riverside Drive and West 89th Street at 3:20 a.m. at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ memorial monument, according to the NYPD.

Sgt. Nathaniel Herman and Police Officer Carmen Ledesma saw the 17-year-old Mike Kushnir and 15-year-old girl using red spray paint, according to the NYPD’s Facebook account.

“When responding to a graffiti call, the suspects are usually long gone when you get there,” Herman said. “But this time we got them, literally, red-handed,” he explained, according to a Facebook post on the NYPD’s webpage.

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Kushnir attempted to flee, but was apprehended at the scene with the 15-year-old girl, who was charged as a juvenile.

Both have been charged with felony criminal mischief.

Police believe the duo climbed the historic monuments, which are considered state landmarks, because the vandals’ tags were so high up.

Kushnir was also charged Tursday with defacing a city-owned lamppost on Riverside Drive and West 88th Street in May. He allegedly used a blue marker to scrawl “Trap” on the pole, according to the NYPD.

The 15-year-old girl, whose name was withheld because of her age, was slapped with the same charge for a March incident in when she tagged a mailbox with her initials, the NYPD said.

The Facebook post states arrests for such offenses are up year to date, with 1,042 through August 24th 2013, to 1,080 for the same period this year. That’s an increase of 4 percent, the statistics show.

Article source:

‘Purge’ graffiti tagged on westside Jacksonville home


Two weeks ago, News4Jax was flooded with calls and emails about a so-called “Purge” event happening at midnight in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was quick to respond, saying it had no reason to believe the stunt was a threat to anyone in the city.

It all started with a social media post calling for people to get “their squad ready.” In the “Purge” movie, laws are suspended and criminals are free to commit crimes.

RELATED: Sheriff Rutherford responds to ‘Purge’ rumors

A westside woman woke up Saturday to find graffiti written on her garage door that read “We’re here.” “Purge (expletive).” She wasn’t the only one, as two of her neighbors had their homes vandalized as well.

“I think it’s children playing. They want to make it a joke, but I don’t see it that way,” the woman said. “You vandalized my house. I have to pay for this. Nobody else will. Parents need to take control of their children.”

The post has also popped up in cities like Louisville and Detroit. In Louisville, it was traced back to a teen and ended up being nothing more than a prank.

Article source: