Skateboarding Shoes

When Will They Make Better Skateboarding Shoes?

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I have been troubled with the notion that skateboarding shoes need much improvement.  I am realizing that a good skateboard obsession requires new skate shoes just about as often as you need a new deck.  What’s up with skateboard shoes lately?  I have seen others try all kinds of different shoes but at the end of the day the sport wears out your shoes faster than Fred Flintstone’s feet wear out from braking in his floorless car.

There has been much improvement in terms of skateboard technology such as lighter and more reliable decks, polyurethane wheels, and frictionless bearings, but where are we with grip tape and shoes?

I spoke with my sons who are competitive skaters and I suggested that I develop a pair of shoes that came with the grip tape on the sole (imagine this on a wood top board – the grip on the shoes, not on the deck?)

Skateboarding Shoes

Brand New Vans Shoe Torn After Only 4 Minutes!

I’m sure the combination of gritty sand on your soles and braking after doing tricks is the main cause for premature sole wear but what about other wear and tear on other parts of the shoe? (see photo below)?

I’m sure Vans, DC, and now Nike can come up with a winning formula for making better skateboard shoes.  Oh yeah almost forgot to mention that we don’t see the problem of worn skateboarding shoes with longboarders, only with those who skate short decks.





When will they make better skateboarding shoes?

How to Paint a Skateboard

How to Paint a Skateboard Professionally at Home

Hey folks if you are trying to figure out how to paint a skateboard professionally jump in the blog and comment or criticize in the comments section below.  This article is meant to solve the problem of those decks you trip over in the shed that the kids don’t want anymore.

I’ve read several similar articles but they don’t go into detail more than “sand board, then prime”.  I wanted to provide more detail as to what sandpaper to use, etc.  Please consider that these tips are for the hobbyist and produce as much a “professional” result as possible, but do not equate to a professional skateboard manufacturer’s methods.  The point being that skateboards, in order to gain speed and agility, require the lightest weight possible in order to defy physics.  Believe it or not, painting a deck in your backyard can produce great looking results, but manufacturers take great lengths to keep the manufacturing process as controlled as possible in order to apply the minimum required amount of paint.  Applying too much paint will increase the deck’s weight and even if you were to increase the weight by only one gram, that would be all too noticeable to a professional skater.  I’m sure Tony Hawk and Shaun White are past the stage of backyard shed projects.


how to paint a skateboard

The “Before” Shot

how to paint a skateboard

The Other “Before” Shot

Unless you can guarantee that you will not sand off too much of the underside art to the detriment of the wood, and apply the exact same amount of paint as previously applied, please ensure that if you are repainting the deck of a pro skater that you set the expectation.



First you’ll need a decent workspace, whether it be a shed or garage or even outdoors.  If you intend to work outdoors, careful when spray painting in a breeze.


You’ll also need some work clothes.  You will get dirty and unless your clothes and workspace has been previously approved by your partner, spouse, or girlfriend, you could find yourself in trouble and ultimately skating alone.


You’ll need to have adequate clean up materials such as a wet cloth to wipe excess paint, a paint area covered by a sheet of cardboard or dropcloth.


Also, though these steps took me about an hour to complete, the whole process took about three days to complete, allowing for the primer and paint to dry sufficiently between steps.  Also, sanding by hand is not recommended.  I highly recommend the use of an electrical sander as it will sand the surface uniformly without creating valleys or carve lines in.


Before beginning, do make sure that the board you are restoring is in fact repairable and that the plies have not separated.

how to paint a skateboard

Unrepairable Deck – The Plies Have Separated


Tools & Equipment for How to Paint a Skateboard

  • An X-Acto or surgical knife
  • A putty knife – a metal one, not a plastic one
  • A blow dryer or paint heat gun
  • 40 grit sand paper
  • 150 grit sand paper
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • An electric sander – with protective glasses and a dust mask
  • Wood filler
  • Acrylic aerosol primer
  • Acrylic aerosol paint
  • Aerosol lacquer or Varathane
  • Mom, dad, or the babysitter’s permission and approval before proceeding


Steps to Prepare for How to Paint a Skateboard

  1.  Take a photo of the “before” deck top and bottom for sake of posterity.  If you can, weigh the board so you have a reference as to the weight of the removed paint and the paint you’re to add.
  2. Using the knife, lift the grip tape at the end of the board and begin peeling

    how to paint a skateboard

    Remove the Grip Tape

  3. If required, use the heat gun or blow dryer to warm the grip tape glue in order to facilitate the peeling process.  Removing the grip tape should take between three and seven minutes.
  4. Using the sander and 40 grit paper, proceed to remove the graphic from the bottom of the deck.  Be patient as this can take 20 minutes.  Apply a lot of pressure on the sander but avoid digging or carving into the wood with the edge of the sander.

    how to paint a skateboard

    Sanding the Deck

  5. Once the graphic has been removed, re-sand with a 150 grit paper in order to smooth out the wood.  This step should take no more than five minutes.
  6. Repair the board as needed using a carpenter quality wood filler paste.  Wood filler is available in many colours and you can even collect some of the sawdust from the previous step and mix it in.  Apply liberal amounts of filler and don’t worry about getting it perfect.  You are not icing a cake.  The important point to remember is not to over work the filler.  Put it on, let it dry, then you will re-sand.  This step should take five minutes.  Then wait 24 hours before sanding the filler.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Fill in the Pressure Cracks

    how to paint a skateboard

    Some Repairs are Needed – Apply Wood Filler

    how to paint a skateboard

    Apply Wood Filler to the Deck

  7. Re-sand the repaired spots with 150 grit paper.

    how to paint a skateboard

    The Wood Filler After Sanding – Looks Pretty Good

  8. Using a damp (not wet) cloth, wipe any excess sawdust from the deck and wait about fifteen minutes.  Next is the real how to p
  9. For the primer, ensure you have properly mixed it.  Apply the primer to each surface of the deck.  I used a paint brush but try finding an aerosol primer.  The trouble with brushes is that you may apply too much primer in certain areas.
  10. how to paint a skateboard

    Apply the Primer

  11. Wait for the primer to dry (about 30 minutes) and re-sand with 150 grit paper.  Do not resand the primer off to the point you will see the wood grain.  Just provide a light sanding to remove any blistering or bubbles from the primer.  You may see the wood through the primer, this is ok.
  12. Before painting the deck, again wipe extra primer dust from the deck with a damp cloth and again wait fifteen minutes before painting.
  13. Shake the aerosol primer can for at least two full minutes.  Hold the can about ten inches away from the deck and spray very lightly until the paint covers the entire surface.  Aerosol cans cause drips and bubbles so if this occurs, wait for drying and resanding, do not overpaint or try to fix wet paint.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Getting Ready to Spray the First Coat

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

  14. Wait 24 hours.  Seriously.  This is the most crucial step to allow the paint to dry.
  15. Sand the painted deck with 220 grit paper and again wipe with damp cloth and wait fifteen minutes


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skateboard dock shoes

My New Shoes

I go through a pair of skate shoes about every three weeks.  My parents are getting annoyed but I got me a summer job mowing lawns so I’ve been pretty much buying all my equipment this summer.

skateboard dock shoes


Watch Simple Session 2015 skateboard final live!

Hello and welcome to the second best place to be for live skateboarding action this April weekend. The Simple Session 2015 finals are going to be broadcast on the player up there from 11am CET on Sunday, April 19.

Don’t worry if you miss it, or want to share the action though, because we are going to re-run the broadcast right after the last hammers are landed so you can watch it any you click on the player from Sunday afternoon onwards. Get in!

Watch the Simple Session Skateboard Final LIVE on Red Bull TV. Red Bull TV is available online and on mobile via Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It’s also available on selected partners’ platforms, such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV (US), Kindle Fire, Xbox 360, Chromecast and as a pre-installed channel on Samsung Smart TVs (2011+) in 194 countries.

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Vidéo du nollie double heelflip de Cody Cepeda en skateboard

Après la vidéo Skateboarding tricks part 4 en slow motion par Adam Shomsky que l’on vous dévoilait la semaine dernière, meltyXtrem vous propose ci-dessous la dernière production du réalisateur américain. Ce dernier a suivi Cody Cepeda qui multiplie ici les nollie double heelflip filmé sous tous les angles avec une caméra Sony FS700 en 240 et 480 images par seconde et une Redlake N3 high speed camera en 1000 images par seconde. Le résultat est bluffant pour cette vidéo qui fait partie de la skateology series d’Adam Shomsky. A noter que la figure à la 47e seconde est réalisée par Mike Wilson. A lire aussi : Shawn Hanning : Vidéo skateboard de différents 360 casper flip.

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Man Accused of Marking Anti-Semitic Graffiti on Temple: Police

A 44-year-old Roosevelt man faces charges accusing him of defacing a Long Island temple with anti-Semitic graffiti, police said.

Serge Delaleu, of Roosevelt, is accused of using a red marker to write “derogatory ramblings” on the front door of B’nai Israel Temple in Freeport, according to Nassau County police. He is also accused of posting similar graffiti, including swastikas, at several locations in Baldwin and Roosevelt in April, police said.

Investigators located Delaleu on Friday in Roosevelt and charged him with five counts of third-degree criminal mischief, five counts of making graffiti and two counts of first-degree aggravated harassment.

He was arraigned Saturday in First District Court in Hempstead. It was unclear whether he had retained a lawyer.

Delaleu had been arrested on Monday on several charges of criminal mischief accusing him of using black spray paint to write racist words on the side of a Western Beef store in Roosevelt. 

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Gang-related graffiti leads to arrest of alleged tagger

ST. GEORGE – An investigation into several graffiti incidents believed to be connected to a California gang led to the arrest of an 18-year-old St. George man Thursday.

Over the last few weeks we noticed graffiti … from the west side to the east side of St. George,” said Sgt. Johnny Heppler, who supervises the St. George Police Department’s Fraudulent Identity and Securities Threats unit.

As instances of graffiti can be gang-related, the FIST unit, which monitors possible gang activity as one of its roles, began investigating the matter.

Graffiti popping up around the city was determined to be associated with the Varrio Brown Familia gang out of Santa Clarita, California. Based on that information, Heppler said, detectives were able to narrow the field of suspects to local individuals known to have ties to the gang.

Police were also given surveillance footage and photos of potential suspects from a gas station on south Bluff Street that had been tagged. Police believe one of the people identified in the footage and photos was Riley Joseph Guerrero.

Riley Joseph Guerrero, of St. George, booking photo posted April 16, 2015 | Photo courtesy of Washington County Sheriff's bookings, St. George News

Riley Joseph Guerrero, of St. George, booking photo posted April 16, 2015 | Photo courtesy of Washington County Sheriff’s bookings, St. George News

According to a probable cause statement filed in support of Guerrero’s arrest, other places that had been tagged with the alleged gang-related graffiti were the residence where Guerrero was staying and the Dixie High School LDS seminary building.

Police caught up with Guerrero and detained him for questioning. He was made aware of his Miranda Rights and then denied being involved in the graffiti acts. Instead, he said, someone else he had a beef with was trying to set him up.

“Riley denied he did the graffiti,” one of the detectives interviewing Guerrero said in the statement. “He said it was someone else. I asked him if he claimed Varrio Brown Familia, Riley said he use to, but got out of the game a few months ago.”

Officers took Guerrero to the police station for further questioning. He was shown photos of places tagged with graffiti and said he wasn’t involved. On one of the graffiti photos, there was a reference to a nickname police learned Guerrero used. After being shown the photo, Guerrero told police he was the one who tagged that particular spot at the Dixie High School seminary, but he said he was not responsible for the rest, according to the probable cause statement.

He didn’t admit to doing all of it,” Heppler said, adding that police believe the style and lettering Guerrero used at the seminary building matched other recent graffiti incidents.

Guerrero was taken into custody Thursday and booked into the Washington County Purgatory Correctional Facility. He was originally charged with nine felony graffiti counts; though, as of Saturday, those were replaced with a single second-degree felony count for graffiti violations exceeding $5,000, according to court documents.

Guerrero has also been charged with two third-degree felonies for the possession of a dangerous weapon – he had a knife on his person when initially interviewed by police – and possession of methamphetamine.

In addition to criminal charges, Heppler said, graffiti vandals are hit with restitution costs related to removing the spray paint.

It costs the City of St. George $10 to clean a square foot of graffiti, and that cost is passed on to the accused tagger to be paid back.

“It gets expensive,” Heppler said. “It makes you wish you used a marker instead of spray paint.”

Incidents of graffiti are on the decline in St. George and tend to happen in spurts, he said.

Another recent rash of graffiti incidents took place in St. George in December, when a 22-year-old man went on a tagging spree in the Dixie Downs area.

Persons arrested or charged are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law or as otherwise decided by a trier-of-fact.

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Copyright St. George News, LLC, 2015, all rights reserved.

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After ‘Star Wars’ became a big hit, George Lucas demanded 5 minutes be put …

george lucas tribeca film festivalJamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesGeorge Lucas explained how both Warner Bros. and Universal had made cuts to his films “THX 1138″ and “American Graffiti,” respectively.

If you’re a “Star Wars” fan you know that over the decades George Lucas as altered all the movies from the sage with enhancements, including new computer-generated special effects in the original trilogy.

But in a conversation with Stephen Colbert at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday, Lucas told a sold-out crowd that he actually went back and updated the previous films he made before “Star Wars” as well.

Lucas’ first two feature films, the experimental sci-fi cult hit “THX 1138” and successful comedy “American Graffiti,” were released in the early ’70s and both studios that released them took out five minutes of the films, to Lucas’ displeasure.

So when “Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope” became a box-office sensation, Lucas went back to have the films corrected.

“After ‘Star Wars,’ I went back to Warner Bros. and Universal and said, ‘You put that five minutes back in,’” Lucas told Colbert. “They redid it and put it back in, and it was the way I wanted it to be. Now the only versions that are out there are the ones that are fixed … the way I wanted them to be in the first place.”

thx 1138lucasfilm.comWarner Bros. released Lucas’ experimental film “THX 1138.”

Lucas says the experience of working with Hollywood studios on those earlier films was not a pleasant one. So with the success of “A New Hope” Lucas reworked the contract for its sequel, “The Empire Strikes Back,” so he would never have to deal with the interference by studio heads again.

“I wanted to have sequel rights, not because I thought ["Empire Strikes Back"] was going to be successful, I thought it would be unsuccessful, but I wanted to finance my own movies so I’m the only one who controls them.”

That is not only why Lucas could go back and enhance the “Star Wars” films decades later to his liking when the technology evolved but, as he said at the chat, “That’s how I got rich.”  

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Transmission: Auby Taylor

Auby Taylor dances to the beat of his own drum and this Texas native just dropped a new video part in true Auby fashion—high speed lines, fearless rail skills, and just enough technical juice to blend it all together perfectly. Get a taste of Mr. Taylor’s flavor in our latest Transmission. 

Filmed / Edited: Shane Darnell
with additional filming by Bryan Callaghan, OG Biggs, Tim Fulton, Barrett Huie, Jared Lucas, Ewan Bowman and Vern Laird.

“Baby Scratch My Back”
Artist: Slim Harpo

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The Business District

Check out this video filmed in a brand new section of Milan, Italy in only 10 nights with 10 DV tapes. Check the clips and read below for the synopsis.

For quite a few years, a large portion of Milan has been under construction and, only in the last few months, has this area become newly accessible and proven to be very skateable. The area, called “Porta Nuova”, extends for one square km made up mainly of new skyscrapers that have completely redesigned Milan’s skyline.

It is currently the biggest and most expensive construction site in Europe (costing over 2 billion Euros) and has brought new life to a whole section of the city.
With all the ledges, pyramids, stairs, rails, popping up around the area, Gianluca Miotto had an idea of doing a short video project to introduce all these new spots to the skate community.

The Business District showcases the architecture, the skating within this limited space and the difficulties that came with it. Being freshly open to the public and also full of offices, there is a lot of human traffic, security and businessmen that flood the area during the day so all the filming had to be done at night after office hours.

Also, for this project there were a couple of rules: 10 nights to film using a maximum of only 10 miniDV tapes. This short video hopes to open a new chapter for Milanese street skateboarding and to push other Italian scenes to do similar projects in their own cites.

Chef Family presents a video by Gianluca Miotto: The Business DIstrict

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Man stabbed seven times as young people argue over skateboarding

A row over skateboarding ended with a man being stabbed seven times in the back.

A group of young people got into an argument with a stranger just before 10 p.m. Saturday at Towercrest Drive and Sirente Drive on the Mountain, Staff Sgt. Marty Schulenberg said.

Police were called after someone saw a knife. Officers arrived quickly and by then a 20-year-old man had seven stab wounds in his back.

His injuries were initially life-threatening, but his condition stabilized in hospital, according to Schulenberg.

Police recovered a knife at the scene.

Cody Burgess, 23, of Hamilton is charged with aggravated assault, threatening death and possession of a dangerous weapon.

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Northwestern University Faces Second Swastika Graffiti Attack This Week

Northwestern University faced two antisemitic graffiti attacks in under a week. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A large swastika was found scrawled on the wall of a study lounge at Northwestern University’s library on Wednesday, marking the second case of antisemitic vandalism to take place at the university in under a week.

The swastika was quickly removed after authorities took pictures and filed a police report at the university, Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein, director of the Tannenbaum Chabad House at Northwestern University, told The Algemeiner.

“I heard back from student leaders saying they are pretty upset and disappointed that these types of symbols are going up,” he said. “They are also upset about the epithet against the African American community that took place here at Northwestern… which is a strong community that tries to work together.”

He added, “It doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with each other politically or socially but what’s important to remember is that we’re still one community and these types of epithets and symbols that are painful and harmful and hurtful have no place here at Northwestern.”

On Saturday,  April 11, a swastika and slurs about African Americans was found spray painted on a wall in the school library. University police quickly removed the defacement and launched an investigation into the incident, treating it as a hate crime. Rabbi Klein said the incident was “especially hurtful” since it happened only a few days before Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“It is deeply saddening to know that hatred still exists, and even on our own campus,” he said. “As Jews, our response to events like these has always been to continue to increase the light of our legacy, our people, and our Torah. We hope to only intensify our activities on campus, and to express our pride of our heritage and of our culture.”

Klein believes the two antisemitic graffiti attacks this week could have been inspired by the Northwestern University student government passing legislation that calls on the school to divest from six companies that do business in Israel. He said that often after such votes, antisemitic activity is seen taking place on campus. The vote took place right before the university’s spring break, which ended this week.

Klein hopes the person responsible for both graffiti attacks comes forward and apologizes for the hate crime.

“We hope that the student, the person – we don’t know if it was a student – but the person that actually put up the symbols, it would be wonderful if that person would come forward and apologize to both the black and Jewish community,” he said.

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