Skateboarding Shoes

When Will They Make Better Skateboarding Shoes?

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I have been troubled with the notion that skateboarding shoes need much improvement.  I am realizing that a good skateboard obsession requires new skate shoes just about as often as you need a new deck.  What’s up with skateboard shoes lately?  I have seen others try all kinds of different shoes but at the end of the day the sport wears out your shoes faster than Fred Flintstone’s feet wear out from braking in his floorless car.

There has been much improvement in terms of skateboard technology such as lighter and more reliable decks, polyurethane wheels, and frictionless bearings, but where are we with grip tape and shoes?

I spoke with my sons who are competitive skaters and I suggested that I develop a pair of shoes that came with the grip tape on the sole (imagine this on a wood top board – the grip on the shoes, not on the deck?)

Skateboarding Shoes

Brand New Vans Shoe Torn After Only 4 Minutes!

I’m sure the combination of gritty sand on your soles and braking after doing tricks is the main cause for premature sole wear but what about other wear and tear on other parts of the shoe? (see photo below)?

I’m sure Vans, DC, and now Nike can come up with a winning formula for making better skateboard shoes.  Oh yeah almost forgot to mention that we don’t see the problem of worn skateboarding shoes with longboarders, only with those who skate short decks.





When will they make better skateboarding shoes?

How to Paint a Skateboard

How to Paint a Skateboard Professionally at Home

Hey folks if you are trying to figure out how to paint a skateboard professionally jump in the blog and comment or criticize in the comments section below.  This article is meant to solve the problem of those decks you trip over in the shed that the kids don’t want anymore.

I’ve read several similar articles but they don’t go into detail more than “sand board, then prime”.  I wanted to provide more detail as to what sandpaper to use, etc.  Please consider that these tips are for the hobbyist and produce as much a “professional” result as possible, but do not equate to a professional skateboard manufacturer’s methods.  The point being that skateboards, in order to gain speed and agility, require the lightest weight possible in order to defy physics.  Believe it or not, painting a deck in your backyard can produce great looking results, but manufacturers take great lengths to keep the manufacturing process as controlled as possible in order to apply the minimum required amount of paint.  Applying too much paint will increase the deck’s weight and even if you were to increase the weight by only one gram, that would be all too noticeable to a professional skater.  I’m sure Tony Hawk and Shaun White are past the stage of backyard shed projects.


how to paint a skateboard

The “Before” Shot

how to paint a skateboard

The Other “Before” Shot

Unless you can guarantee that you will not sand off too much of the underside art to the detriment of the wood, and apply the exact same amount of paint as previously applied, please ensure that if you are repainting the deck of a pro skater that you set the expectation.



First you’ll need a decent workspace, whether it be a shed or garage or even outdoors.  If you intend to work outdoors, careful when spray painting in a breeze.


You’ll also need some work clothes.  You will get dirty and unless your clothes and workspace has been previously approved by your partner, spouse, or girlfriend, you could find yourself in trouble and ultimately skating alone.


You’ll need to have adequate clean up materials such as a wet cloth to wipe excess paint, a paint area covered by a sheet of cardboard or dropcloth.


Also, though these steps took me about an hour to complete, the whole process took about three days to complete, allowing for the primer and paint to dry sufficiently between steps.  Also, sanding by hand is not recommended.  I highly recommend the use of an electrical sander as it will sand the surface uniformly without creating valleys or carve lines in.


Before beginning, do make sure that the board you are restoring is in fact repairable and that the plies have not separated.

how to paint a skateboard

Unrepairable Deck – The Plies Have Separated


Tools & Equipment for How to Paint a Skateboard

  • An X-Acto or surgical knife
  • A putty knife – a metal one, not a plastic one
  • A blow dryer or paint heat gun
  • 40 grit sand paper
  • 150 grit sand paper
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • An electric sander – with protective glasses and a dust mask
  • Wood filler
  • Acrylic aerosol primer
  • Acrylic aerosol paint
  • Aerosol lacquer or Varathane
  • Mom, dad, or the babysitter’s permission and approval before proceeding


Steps to Prepare for How to Paint a Skateboard

  1.  Take a photo of the “before” deck top and bottom for sake of posterity.  If you can, weigh the board so you have a reference as to the weight of the removed paint and the paint you’re to add.
  2. Using the knife, lift the grip tape at the end of the board and begin peeling

    how to paint a skateboard

    Remove the Grip Tape

  3. If required, use the heat gun or blow dryer to warm the grip tape glue in order to facilitate the peeling process.  Removing the grip tape should take between three and seven minutes.
  4. Using the sander and 40 grit paper, proceed to remove the graphic from the bottom of the deck.  Be patient as this can take 20 minutes.  Apply a lot of pressure on the sander but avoid digging or carving into the wood with the edge of the sander.

    how to paint a skateboard

    Sanding the Deck

  5. Once the graphic has been removed, re-sand with a 150 grit paper in order to smooth out the wood.  This step should take no more than five minutes.
  6. Repair the board as needed using a carpenter quality wood filler paste.  Wood filler is available in many colours and you can even collect some of the sawdust from the previous step and mix it in.  Apply liberal amounts of filler and don’t worry about getting it perfect.  You are not icing a cake.  The important point to remember is not to over work the filler.  Put it on, let it dry, then you will re-sand.  This step should take five minutes.  Then wait 24 hours before sanding the filler.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Fill in the Pressure Cracks

    how to paint a skateboard

    Some Repairs are Needed – Apply Wood Filler

    how to paint a skateboard

    Apply Wood Filler to the Deck

  7. Re-sand the repaired spots with 150 grit paper.

    how to paint a skateboard

    The Wood Filler After Sanding – Looks Pretty Good

  8. Using a damp (not wet) cloth, wipe any excess sawdust from the deck and wait about fifteen minutes.  Next is the real how to p
  9. For the primer, ensure you have properly mixed it.  Apply the primer to each surface of the deck.  I used a paint brush but try finding an aerosol primer.  The trouble with brushes is that you may apply too much primer in certain areas.
  10. how to paint a skateboard

    Apply the Primer

  11. Wait for the primer to dry (about 30 minutes) and re-sand with 150 grit paper.  Do not resand the primer off to the point you will see the wood grain.  Just provide a light sanding to remove any blistering or bubbles from the primer.  You may see the wood through the primer, this is ok.
  12. Before painting the deck, again wipe extra primer dust from the deck with a damp cloth and again wait fifteen minutes before painting.
  13. Shake the aerosol primer can for at least two full minutes.  Hold the can about ten inches away from the deck and spray very lightly until the paint covers the entire surface.  Aerosol cans cause drips and bubbles so if this occurs, wait for drying and resanding, do not overpaint or try to fix wet paint.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Getting Ready to Spray the First Coat

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

  14. Wait 24 hours.  Seriously.  This is the most crucial step to allow the paint to dry.
  15. Sand the painted deck with 220 grit paper and again wipe with damp cloth and wait fifteen minutes


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skateboard dock shoes

My New Shoes

I go through a pair of skate shoes about every three weeks.  My parents are getting annoyed but I got me a summer job mowing lawns so I’ve been pretty much buying all my equipment this summer.

skateboard dock shoes


Three new skateboard parks to be built in Calgary in 2014

Calgary will build three new skateboard parks in 2014, the city announced Wednesday, with five more still to come after that.

The new facilities will include a “skate spot” in the Chinook Park / Kelvin Grove / Eagle Ridge area and two “neighbourhood skateparks” – one in Huntington Hills and one in Southwood.

The city defines “skate spots” as slightly smaller types of facilities, typically between 150 and 600 square metres. The “neighbourhood skateparks,” by contrast, range from 600 to 1,200 square metres.

For reference, an NBA basketball court is about 435 square metres.

The Calgary Association of Skateboard Enthusiasts (CASE) welcomed the announcement.

“CASE is very happy to see the three skateparks going ahead,” Zev Klymochko, CASE spokesperson said in a release. “We are thrilled that it is all finally coming together.”

Greg Steinraths, the city’s manager of sport and partnership development for recreation, said his staff has been working closely with CASE and local communities in developing the parks.

“The feedback we got was amazing and with this input we are happy to be moving forward on the eight new parks,” he said in a release.

In addition to these three, the city is also eyeing sites for new skateparks in Bowness, Edgemont, New Brighton, Deer Run and Midnapore

Staff will now undertake a “participatory design process” for the first three skateparks.

Anyone interested in taking part is invited to a meeting on April 30 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the former Centennial Planetarium, 701 – 11 St SW


Article source:

20-year-old man crossing the street on a skateboard hit by vehicle

Calgary police are investigating after a 20-year-old man who was skateboarding to university on Wednesday morning was struck by a vehicle while crossing at a marked crosswalk. The man was rushed to hospital where he remains in critical condition with life threatening injuries.

Police say a 2008 black Chevrolet Aveo driven by a 43-year-old woman hit the student at approximately 11 a.m. The woman was driving eastbound on 32 Avenue N.W. when she approached the intersection of 32 Avenue and 33 Street N.W.

Four other vehicles were stopped at a marked crosswalk and the overhead pedestrian crossing light was flashing.

The Chevrolet failed to stop at the intersection and hit the student, who was on a skateboard.

Charges are pending against the driver of the Chevrolet. Alcohol and drugs are not considered to be a factor at this time, according to police.

Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident or the events leading up to the crash to contact the Calgary Police Service Traffic Section at 403-567-4000 or Crime Stoppers anonymously.

Article source:

Eight new skateboard facilities planned across city

City officials unveiled Wednesday the location of eight new skateboard parks, including three sites now slated to be built in 2014.

Chinook Park/Kelvin Grove/Eagle Ridge will get a ‘skate spot’ while Huntington Hills and Southwood will each see a larger ‘neighbourhood’ skate park.

A skate spot, as defined by the city, will be 150 to 600 square metres or roughly half the size of a basketball court. A neighbourhood skate park would be 600 to 1,200 square metres.

Bowness, Edgemont, New Brighton, Deer Run and Midnapore have also been pegged to get skateboard facilities, but no dates have been set.

Wednesday’s announcement follows several open house consultations in January for communities that had expressed interest in having skate parks in their neighbourhoods.

“We want the communities to have a vested interest and really welcome this to their communities,� said Greg Steinraths, manager of sport and partnership development, recreation for the city.

“This is such a great opportunity to move these projects forward,� he added.

Skateboards are permitted on most city sidewalks and pathways, but are illegal on Calgary streets. Bylaws also prohibit skateboarding on sidewalks in the Central Traffic Zone.

The city has one of the largest outdoor skateboard parks in the world but Shaw Millenium Skatepark, which opened in 2000, is beginning to show its age. Its concrete has chipped and become rough in spots. Its metal edges and joints exposed in others.

Smaller skate parks McKenzie Towne and the Westside Recreation Centre, as well as city-run mobile parks that operate over summer months, provide additional but limited access, for the estimated 35,000 Calgarians that skateboard at least once a year.

Three years ago, the city unveiled its Skateboard Amenities Strategy, which recommended an additional 22,655 square metres of skateboarding area.

City council later allocated $4 million toward the design and construction of up to 50 new parks, though that number could be revisited, said Steinraths.

“One of the things what we will be doing is really empirically evaluating (the strategy) saying, ‘What do we truly need?’� said Steinraths. “From the continual evaluation we can say, ‘We need 50 or we don’t need 50’.�

City staff will host a participatory design process, where participants can submit design ideas for the three skate parks on Wednesday, April 30, 2014, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the former Centennial Planetarium, 701 11th St. S.W.

Article source:

Duchess Kate learns how to DJ in Adelaide while William impresses with …

23 APRIL 2014

The emphasis was on young people as Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton, made a two-hour visit to the Adelaide suburb of Elizabeth on Wednesday.

The royal couple’s appearance might have been brief, but they went out of their way to connect with the local youth, and even tried their hand at DJing and graffiti art during their appearance.


After touching down in RAAF Base Edinburgh following their overnight stay in Uluru, the Cambridges were whisked to the Northern Sound System, where a crowd of more than 5,000 were waiting to see them.
Among them was six-year-old Lauren Stephenson from the Make-A-Wish foundation, who spent several minutes with the couple and presented Kate with a posy of flowers.


The community-run centre in Elizabeth provides recording equipment and rehearsal space for young people. And after watching performances and meeting with youth and staff, it was William and Kate’s turn to try spinning the decks.

The Duchess, elegant in pink Alexander McQueen, impressed with her DJing skills as she had a go at mixing some tracks, before urging her husband to step up and try his hand at scratching — reportedly with less success than Kate.

The couple then moved outside to watch the young members of the Elizabeth Riders group in action at a local skate park. William politely declined the chance to showcase his scooter skills; “He said he would probably stack it,” 15-year-old Luke Haldeby said.

Nevertheless, both William and Kate showed great interest in the BMX display, and were later presented with a custom skateboard for Prince George, designed by local artist Caset Zechef. William and Kate, due to be reunited with their baby son on Wednesday afternoon in Canberra, were delighted with the gift.


“He thought it was amazing, he loved it,” one rider said of William. “Even Kate loved it too, she thought it was cool that it said George on it.”

The Prince did seize the opportunity to join a team of spray painters from the Aerosols Angels group, and helped graffiti part of a billboard display. “He did a pretty good job,” group leader Simon Burt, 36, said. “And he admitted when he’d finished his bit of art work that he was now addicted.”

“He paints very well,” another young painter added. “He filled in part of the blue sky and didn’t go over any of the lines.”

With the seal of approval from the young people of Elizabeth, the couple received a big cheer as they met with the crowds. Playford Boulevard was filled with waiting fans, all eager to speak to the Duke and Duchess. The couple gradually made their way to the Playford Civic Centre, where they were greeted by South Australian Governor Kevin Scarce and Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty.

William and Kate then unveiled a plaque naming the new Prince George Plaza, in honour of their son, before heading inside for their final official engagement of the day, a reception with 200 guests all under the age of 30.

The Cambridges’ visit will have come as a huge boost to Elizabeth, which has the third highest unemployment rate in the country. The working-class suburb, located to the north of the city of Adelaide, was named after the Queen, who visited the area in 1963.

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Royal tour: Duke’s hidden gift for graffiti, DJing and didgeridoo

He also disclosed his fondness for house music and how he sometimes plays a
didgeridoo at home.

Coached by DJ Shane Peterer, 28, at the Northern Sound System studios, the
Duchess, in a pale pink low cut Alexander McQueen dress, started off
hesitantly behind the decks but was soon scratching a record, laughing and
giving a thumbs up.

The Duke followed suit, but with less flair, and Mr Peterer said the Duchess
was queen of the decks.

“She was fantastic but he can fly a helicopter. So horses for courses,”
the DJ said.

Inside the Northern Sound System centre the Duke told Mark Reilly, a
19-year-old wheelchair-bound rapper, about his love of hip hop and dance

He told him: “I quite like house music. I like my house music. I like a
bit of rock and roll, a bit of RB. I’m not a big heavy metal fan. I’d
like to be but I’m not.”

The royal visitors also chatted to a group called Aerosol Angels, which
encourages young people to express themselves by creating graffiti art in a
controlled way rather than by defacing public buildings, and the Duke leapt
at the chance to spray paint the sky on a mural.

Casey Zechef, 16, said: “I asked him if he would like to have a paint. He
said yes, so I got him to paint a bit of blue. He loved it. He didn’t want
to stop. He said it was fantastic – it was so easy.

“He was a natural at it. I was very surprised at how good he did. When
you use a spray can for the first time some people don’t use it so well. You
have to get used to it. But he was a natural.”

Casey had painted a green skateboard given to the Duke and Duchess for Prince
George, with George on the underside and boxing kangaroos and Australian
flags either side.

The couple went on to watch young riders putting on a display of BMX bike and
scooter riding on a skate park, but Casey said efforts to persuade the Duke
to get onto a skateboard failed. She said: “The Mayor said he’d like to
get William on a skateboard but he said: ‘No, I can’t ride.’”

Elizabeth, built in the optimism of the 1950s, was named after the Queen and
initially thrived, but has since suffered a steady decline in manufacturing
jobs and is now run down and in need of regeneration.

Half a century after the Queen lent her name to the area, a new urban space is
being planned called Prince George Plaza, the first major public commission
to be named after the nine-month-old future king.

On a sunny St George’s Day, the Duke and Duchess unveiled a plaque to mark the
site where it will stand.

Outside the local council’s Playford Civic Centre, they went on a walkabout
cheered on by 20,000 people.

Inside they met young people at a reception to honour those working for the
community. Among them was Emily Jaworek, director of estate agency
Attainable Real Estate, who does voluntary work with young people in the

Ms Jaworek, 27, an Aborigine from the Larrikia group in Darwin, said Prince
William told her he had a didgeridoo at home and had played it every now and
again since his youth. “He said he got the chance to try out playing a
didgeridoo in Uluru,” she said.

Her friend Maria Hull, 18, said he told her: “I’m not very good.”

Article source:

City tackles graffiti epidemic

An effort to clean up the city of Asheville is underway.  A graffiti ordinance went into effect Wednesday that will give stiffer penalties to those who vandalize.

“We’ve had an explosion of graffiti incidents over the last 2-3 years.  The business community has really been up in arms,” said Vice Mayor Marc Hunt.

But there is a difference between wanted graffiti and unwanted graffiti.  Some of the buildings downtown have artistic murals that have been approved by business owners.

The last couple of years though, city leaders say the approved displays have been overshadowed by tagging.

Tagging is when someone without permission spray paints their name or a word on someone else’s property.

“For some reason it opens to doors for other kids to come write their names on it too,” said Asheville resident Ryan Heryford.

Heryford has lived downtown for the past five years.  He said just a few weeks ago, he caught someone tagging the side of his building.

“She spray painted right on top of this mural that someone was commissioned to do which depicts some history of Asheville in this alley.  To deface someone’s art, to me, is extremely rude,” said Heryford.

This epidemic is why city leaders say they’ve enacted a graffiti ordinance, which will impose stiff fines on those caught.  Repeat offenders could face an up to $1,000 fine.

The city also approved a 90-day rapid removal campaign that in the summer months will pay to remove graffiti from any business that wants it.

“What we want to do is clean the town up in a very extensive way through July, August and September and then hopefully start with a clean slate,” said Hunt.

The citywide removal program goes through Sept. 30.  After that it will be up to property owners to clean up the graffiti.


Article source:

Royal tour: The Duke of Cambridge tries his hand at graffiti

“He was a natural at it. I was very surprised at how good he did. When
you use a spray can for the first time some people don’t use it so well. You
have to get used to it. But he was a natural.”

Casey Zechef hands the gift of a skateboard for Prince George to Prince
William (Getty Images)

Casey had painted a green skateboard given to the Duke and Duchess for Prince
George, with George on the underside and boxing kangaroos and Australian
flags either side.

The couple went on to watch young riders putting on a display of BMX bike and
scooter riding on a skate park in the garden suburb of Elizabeth, named
after the Queen.


Casey said efforts to persuade the Duke to get onto a skateboard failed. She
said: “The Mayor said he’d like to get William on a skateboard but he
said: ‘No, I can’t ride.’”

In the bright sunshine, the couple were driven 300 yards through a sea of
cheering fans to the local council’s Playford Civic Centre, where they went
on a walkabout.

“We want Kate, we want Kate,” the crowd chanted.

(Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

The Duchess stopped to speak to one of Elizabeth’s early British immigrants,
Ann Hargreaves, 87, who was standing on the front row of the crowd behind a
board saying: “I was born in London the same year as the Queen. 1926.”

“Do you like Australia?” the Duchess asked. “It’s much warmer
here than England.”

Alex Jones, a Liverpudlian who emigrated to Adelaide in 1986, was wearing a
Liverpool football shirt and had his club’s banner draped over the
barricade. “Prince William pointed at it, laughed and said Liverpool,”
he said. ”It’s a good day. David Moyes gets sacked and I get to see Prince
William in the same day.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge unveil a plaque naming a plaza after
their son Prince George (EPA)

Outside the civic centre the couple, visiting on St George’s Day, unveiled a
plaque to mark the planned Prince George Plaza, which will be at the heart
of the area’s regeneration.

Inside they met young people at a reception to honour those working for the
community. Among them was Emily Jaworek, director of estate agency
Attainable Real Estate, who does voluntary work with young people in the

Catherine and Prince William wave to spectators outside the Playford
Civic Centre in Adelaide (Getty Images)

Ms Jaworek, 27, an Aborigine from the Larrikia group in Darwin, said Prince
William told her he had a didgeridoo at home and had played it every now and
again since his youth, something aides confirmed. “He said he got the
chance to try out playing a didgeridoo in Uluru.”

Her friend Maria Hull, 18, said he told her: “I’m not very good.”

After their visit to Adelaide the couple flew to Canberra, where they will
spend the final two days of their tour, to be reunited with Prince George,
who was left with his nanny during his parents’ visit to Uluru on Tuesday.

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Adidas Skateboarding Presents Skate Copa Decks

Adidas Skateboarding pays tribute to the brand’s football heritage with a series of Skate Copa decks.

In collaboration with each of the six Skate Copa teammates’ respective deck brands — including Lucas Puig with Cliche; Mark Gonzales with Krooked; Raul Navarro with Western Edition; Rodrigo TX with DGK; Lem Villemin with Cliche; and Benny Fairfax with Palace.

Article source:

If You Aren’t Stoked for the World Cup, adidas’ Skate Copa Lookbook Just …

Adidas Skateboarding drops off a lookbook for its “Skate Copa” collection—a nice follow up to the video released last month. 

The adidas Skateboarding team—Benny Fairfax, Lucas Puig, Mark Gonzales, Rodrigo TX, Lem Villemin, and Raul Navarro—shows off the sick soccer jerseys, each member repping their hometown. You can choose from six of adidas-sponsored squads: England, Spain, Brazil, Germany, France and, the U.S.A. In addition to the jerseys, the collection also includes custom decks wrapped with the teams’ designs and the skaters’ names and numbers. Mixing skateboarding with soccer never looked better.

Head to adidas to pick up a jersey before the World Cup starts. And if your team doesn’t win the trophy this year, at least you’ll have a pretty dope jersey. 

[via Stupid Dope]

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