Skateboarding Shoes

When Will They Make Better Skateboarding Shoes?

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I have been troubled with the notion that skateboarding shoes need much improvement.  I am realizing that a good skateboard obsession requires new skate shoes just about as often as you need a new deck.  What’s up with skateboard shoes lately?  I have seen others try all kinds of different shoes but at the end of the day the sport wears out your shoes faster than Fred Flintstone’s feet wear out from braking in his floorless car.

There has been much improvement in terms of skateboard technology such as lighter and more reliable decks, polyurethane wheels, and frictionless bearings, but where are we with grip tape and shoes?

I spoke with my sons who are competitive skaters and I suggested that I develop a pair of shoes that came with the grip tape on the sole (imagine this on a wood top board – the grip on the shoes, not on the deck?)

Skateboarding Shoes

Brand New Vans Shoe Torn After Only 4 Minutes!

I’m sure the combination of gritty sand on your soles and braking after doing tricks is the main cause for premature sole wear but what about other wear and tear on other parts of the shoe? (see photo below)?

I’m sure Vans, DC, and now Nike can come up with a winning formula for making better skateboard shoes.  Oh yeah almost forgot to mention that we don’t see the problem of worn skateboarding shoes with longboarders, only with those who skate short decks.





When will they make better skateboarding shoes?

How to Paint a Skateboard

How to Paint a Skateboard Professionally at Home

Hey folks if you are trying to figure out how to paint a skateboard professionally jump in the blog and comment or criticize in the comments section below.  This article is meant to solve the problem of those decks you trip over in the shed that the kids don’t want anymore.

I’ve read several similar articles but they don’t go into detail more than “sand board, then prime”.  I wanted to provide more detail as to what sandpaper to use, etc.  Please consider that these tips are for the hobbyist and produce as much a “professional” result as possible, but do not equate to a professional skateboard manufacturer’s methods.  The point being that skateboards, in order to gain speed and agility, require the lightest weight possible in order to defy physics.  Believe it or not, painting a deck in your backyard can produce great looking results, but manufacturers take great lengths to keep the manufacturing process as controlled as possible in order to apply the minimum required amount of paint.  Applying too much paint will increase the deck’s weight and even if you were to increase the weight by only one gram, that would be all too noticeable to a professional skater.  I’m sure Tony Hawk and Shaun White are past the stage of backyard shed projects.


how to paint a skateboard

The “Before” Shot

how to paint a skateboard

The Other “Before” Shot

Unless you can guarantee that you will not sand off too much of the underside art to the detriment of the wood, and apply the exact same amount of paint as previously applied, please ensure that if you are repainting the deck of a pro skater that you set the expectation.



First you’ll need a decent workspace, whether it be a shed or garage or even outdoors.  If you intend to work outdoors, careful when spray painting in a breeze.


You’ll also need some work clothes.  You will get dirty and unless your clothes and workspace has been previously approved by your partner, spouse, or girlfriend, you could find yourself in trouble and ultimately skating alone.


You’ll need to have adequate clean up materials such as a wet cloth to wipe excess paint, a paint area covered by a sheet of cardboard or dropcloth.


Also, though these steps took me about an hour to complete, the whole process took about three days to complete, allowing for the primer and paint to dry sufficiently between steps.  Also, sanding by hand is not recommended.  I highly recommend the use of an electrical sander as it will sand the surface uniformly without creating valleys or carve lines in.


Before beginning, do make sure that the board you are restoring is in fact repairable and that the plies have not separated.

how to paint a skateboard

Unrepairable Deck – The Plies Have Separated


Tools & Equipment for How to Paint a Skateboard

  • An X-Acto or surgical knife
  • A putty knife – a metal one, not a plastic one
  • A blow dryer or paint heat gun
  • 40 grit sand paper
  • 150 grit sand paper
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • An electric sander – with protective glasses and a dust mask
  • Wood filler
  • Acrylic aerosol primer
  • Acrylic aerosol paint
  • Aerosol lacquer or Varathane
  • Mom, dad, or the babysitter’s permission and approval before proceeding


Steps to Prepare for How to Paint a Skateboard

  1.  Take a photo of the “before” deck top and bottom for sake of posterity.  If you can, weigh the board so you have a reference as to the weight of the removed paint and the paint you’re to add.
  2. Using the knife, lift the grip tape at the end of the board and begin peeling

    how to paint a skateboard

    Remove the Grip Tape

  3. If required, use the heat gun or blow dryer to warm the grip tape glue in order to facilitate the peeling process.  Removing the grip tape should take between three and seven minutes.
  4. Using the sander and 40 grit paper, proceed to remove the graphic from the bottom of the deck.  Be patient as this can take 20 minutes.  Apply a lot of pressure on the sander but avoid digging or carving into the wood with the edge of the sander.

    how to paint a skateboard

    Sanding the Deck

  5. Once the graphic has been removed, re-sand with a 150 grit paper in order to smooth out the wood.  This step should take no more than five minutes.
  6. Repair the board as needed using a carpenter quality wood filler paste.  Wood filler is available in many colours and you can even collect some of the sawdust from the previous step and mix it in.  Apply liberal amounts of filler and don’t worry about getting it perfect.  You are not icing a cake.  The important point to remember is not to over work the filler.  Put it on, let it dry, then you will re-sand.  This step should take five minutes.  Then wait 24 hours before sanding the filler.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Fill in the Pressure Cracks

    how to paint a skateboard

    Some Repairs are Needed – Apply Wood Filler

    how to paint a skateboard

    Apply Wood Filler to the Deck

  7. Re-sand the repaired spots with 150 grit paper.

    how to paint a skateboard

    The Wood Filler After Sanding – Looks Pretty Good

  8. Using a damp (not wet) cloth, wipe any excess sawdust from the deck and wait about fifteen minutes.  Next is the real how to p
  9. For the primer, ensure you have properly mixed it.  Apply the primer to each surface of the deck.  I used a paint brush but try finding an aerosol primer.  The trouble with brushes is that you may apply too much primer in certain areas.
  10. how to paint a skateboard

    Apply the Primer

  11. Wait for the primer to dry (about 30 minutes) and re-sand with 150 grit paper.  Do not resand the primer off to the point you will see the wood grain.  Just provide a light sanding to remove any blistering or bubbles from the primer.  You may see the wood through the primer, this is ok.
  12. Before painting the deck, again wipe extra primer dust from the deck with a damp cloth and again wait fifteen minutes before painting.
  13. Shake the aerosol primer can for at least two full minutes.  Hold the can about ten inches away from the deck and spray very lightly until the paint covers the entire surface.  Aerosol cans cause drips and bubbles so if this occurs, wait for drying and resanding, do not overpaint or try to fix wet paint.
    how to paint a skateboard

    Getting Ready to Spray the First Coat

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

    how to paint a skateboard

    First Coat Applied

  14. Wait 24 hours.  Seriously.  This is the most crucial step to allow the paint to dry.
  15. Sand the painted deck with 220 grit paper and again wipe with damp cloth and wait fifteen minutes


Thanks for reading How to Paint a Skateboard



skateboard dock shoes

My New Shoes

I go through a pair of skate shoes about every three weeks.  My parents are getting annoyed but I got me a summer job mowing lawns so I’ve been pretty much buying all my equipment this summer.

skateboard dock shoes


Plans for skateboard park in Kentville ramping up

Right now, skateboarding in Kentville is probably not officially sanctioned. Kentville Skatepark Association president Matt MacLeod says that to get to a decent skateboard park, enthusiasts sometimes have to drive as far as Windsor or Chester.

But many young people, MacLeod said, do not have access to transportation to get to these facilities and are stuck trying to find areas in the town to pursue the activity, legally or otherwise.

“The absence of a facility for skateboarders, bikers and scooter riders in our town is a huge barrier,” he says. “And in some cases, (it) may be pushing young people away from these sports altogether.”

With the continuing trend of high obesity rates and sedentary lifestyles, MacLeod thinks it is obvious that “we can’t afford to discourage young people from pursuing activities that have so many positive health benefits.” 

Read about the latest skatepark fundraiser here.

So there was wide-spread approval recently when the old Imperial Oil property, which is on the corner of Gary Pearl Drive and West Main Street, was slated by the town as the site of the new skate park.

The association had identified two potential sites for a new facility for a permanent concrete skate park for use by the town’s skateboarders, bikers and scooter users.

“We are definitely pleased with the site. It is very accessible, it is close to the school and other recreation facilities, it is close to the trail system, and it is very visible,” said association president Matt MacLeod.

He noted that the site has “ample room for us to build the park to the size we are hoping (15,000 square feet).”

Recreation director Rachel Bedingfield says the park will include lots of green space and the components will be designed by the skateboarders themselves.

“Once we enter the design phase,” MacLeod said, “we plan on having a public consultation process where the young BMX bikers, scooter riders and skaters can come out to share their vision with us, so that we can build a park that is unique, meets the users interests and needs, and can offer them an opportunity to have a sense of pride and ownership in the finished product.”

It was back in 2012 when a group of residents first approached town council seeking the construction of a skate park. The association was created and the town agreed to provide land and $100,000 in funding. The association aims to provide the balance of the cost of $750,000.

“We have met with two of Canada’s leading skatepark design and manufacture companies already to help get some guidance and direction,” MacLeod said.

“They have a lot of experience with community organizations like ours and have some established frameworks for these sorts of projects. But we have not formally entered into any sort of contract with these companies.”

Once the funds are raised the park design and build will be subject to a tender process, he said. The association is hoping to raise $150,000 by next summer to begin the park design process. So far, the group has generated $35,000.

The Kentville Skatepark Association is a community non-profit society. The group includes MacLeod, Jay Keddy, Jason Dodwell, Rod McMahon, Mike Waterbury and Jen Grant.



Article source:

Île de Ré : un enfant à skate-board se tue en tombant sur un couteau

Un enfant à skate-board est décédé dimanche après-midi sur l’île de Ré (Charente-Maritime) après être tombé sur le couteau qu’il tenait.


Le drame est survenu dimanche en milieu d’après-midi dans un camping de Bois-Plage-en-Ré, l’une des dix communes de l’Île de Ré (Charente-Maritime).

Selon les premiers éléments livrés par le procureur de la République de la Rochelle, un enfant de neuf ans circulait sur un skate-board lorsqu’il est accidentellement tombé sur le couteau qu’il tenait à la main. Le couteau s’est enfoncé au niveau du plexus solaire de la victime.

En arrêt cardio-respiratoire, l’enfant n’a pu être ranimé malgré l’intervention des pompiers et d’une équipe du SMUR de la Rochelle déposée sur l’île de Ré par un hélicoptère.

Une enquête judiciaire a été ouverte par le parquet de la Rochelle. Elle devrait permettre d’établir les circonstances exactes qui entourent ce drame.

Dimanche soir, un témoin avait d’ores et déjà été entendu par les gendarmes de Saint-Martin-de-Ré.



Article source:

Île de Ré : un enfant en skate-board se tue en tombant sur un couteau

C’est un accident tragique qui s’est déroulé dimanche après-midi sur l’Ile de Ré. Alors qu’il faisait du skateboard dans un camping de Bois-Plage-en-Ré (Charente-Maritime), un enfant de 9 ans a chuté sur un couteau.

Touché au niveau du plexus solaire

Selon le parquet de la Rochelle, le garçon tenait lui-même l’arme blanche dans sa main lorsqu’il a perdu l’équilibre. La lame est venue s’enfoncer au niveau du plexus solaire. A l’arrivée des secours, la jeune victime était en arrêt cardio-respiratoire. Les pompiers ont tenté durant près de trois quarts d’heure de la ranimer, en vain.

Le parquet n’a pas précisé pour quelle raison la jeune victime était en possession du couteau au moment de l’accident. Dimanche soir, un témoin était entendu par les gendarmes. Son audition devrait permettre de comprendre les circonstances exactes du drame.

Article source:!onrskRpVT7uI/

Justin Bieber : Sexy pour une session skateboard

Justin Bieber et Selena Gomez étaient ensemble pour l’anniversaire de Ryan Butler et bien des fans se demandent ce qui se passe entre les deux chanteurs. Le retour de Jelena est-il bien là ? C’est tout la question que se posent les fans. Mais s’ils passent du temps ensemble en ce moment, le chanteur prend aussi des moments pour lui, qu’il partage ensuite avec ses Beliebers. Vous n’êtes pas sans savoir que Justin Bieber adore le skateboard et qu’il en fait dès qu’il en a l’occasion. Il poste ensuite ses figures sur les réseaux sociaux pour les montrer à ses admiratrices. Le chanteur vient tout juste d’en dévoiler une nouvelle dans laquelle il monte sur une rampe avec sa planche. Comme toujours très l’aise, l’interprète de “Confident” s’en est sorti à merveille ! Chez, nous sommes sûres que les Beliebers seront très impressionnées et qu’elles adoreront le pantalon rose de leur idole. D’ailleurs, Justin Bieber et Cody Simpson ont pris la pause ensemble pour un nouveau photoshoot sexy. Cela illustrera peut-être leurs chansons en duo !

Plus d’actu sur Justin BieberJustin Bieber et Selena Gomez sont ensemble à Malibu !

Justin Bieber en mode skateur ! Alors les filles, impressionnées par Justin Bieber ?

justin bieber sexy canon skateboard hot planche skater skateur beliebers fahlo
Justin Bieber est un pro du skate !

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John Gollop featured on graffiti stencils

John Gollop graffitiDeputy Gollop said he appreciated the funny side but said the tags should not be painted on public property

A Guernsey politician whose face features in stencils sprayed on telecoms and electric boxes has urged those behind it to stop.

Several pieces of graffiti featuring John Gollop appeared in the Castel and St Saviour over the weekend.

St Peter Port North Deputy Mr Gollop said he appreciated the funny side of the tags but warned they should not be painted on public property.

Those behind it risked prosecution for criminal damage if caught, he added.

Article source:

California man to pay $13000 to restore defaced Banksy graffiti art in Park City

California man to pay $13,000 to restore defaced Banksy graffiti art in Park City

California man to pay $13,000 to restore defaced Banksy graffiti art in Park City

David William Noll stands before a judge during a hearing Monday, Sept. 15, 2014, in Park City, Utah. Noll, a California man pleaded guilty to defacing two Utah murals believed to have been done by the mysterious British graffiti artist Banksy. Noll will pay $13,000 in restoration costs as part of a plea agreement. Noll told a judge Monday he was suffering from a bout with bipolar disorder when he drove to Park City and damaged the works on New Year’s Eve. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, Pool)

Posted: Monday, September 15, 2014 1:35 pm

California man to pay $13,000 to restore defaced Banksy graffiti art in Park City

Associated Press |


PARK CITY, Utah – A California man pleaded guilty Monday to defacing two Park City murals believed to have been done by the mysterious British graffiti artist Banksy.

If David William Noll, 36, pays $13,000 in restoration costs before a November sentencing hearing, prosecutors say they won’t seek jail time as part of a plea deal.

Noll told a judge Monday he was suffering from a bout with bipolar disorder when he drove to Park City and damaged the works on New Year’s Eve.

“Banksy” is a pseudonym for the graffiti artist known for silhouetted figures and spray-painted messages that show up in unexpected places. His works have sold for as much as $1.1 million at auction.

The Park City murals appeared on the city’s historic Main Street in 2010, around the time Banksy was in town for the Sundance Film Festival debut of his documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”

One depicts a young boy with a pink halo and angel wings kneeling to pray behind a can of pink paint. It was found covered in brown spray paint after the protective glass was shattered. Also damaged was a bulletproof-glass cover over a mural of a cameraman shooting video footage of a flower. A spider-web crack on the glass obscured the image.

Citing YouTube videos police say Noll posted about the vandalism, Summit County Attorney David Brickey said he appears to be a frustrated artist who didn’t understand the acclaim that surrounds the elusive Banksy.

“He said it was graffiti, and he was just marking it up again,” said Brickey, describing the videos.

At a hearing Monday, Noll wore a tie decorated with a Norman Rockwell painting that shows the artist sitting at a canvas, looking in a mirror and painting himself. Noll told state court Judge Todd Shaughnessy that he has little memory of defacing the murals, but viewing the videos and talking to his family convinced him that he had damaged the works.

Noll has also served about five months in jail after pleading no contest to vandalizing Banksy works in Los Angeles. He remains on probation in California.

His sentencing hearing was set for Nov. 17.

© 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Monday, September 15, 2014 1:35 pm.

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Man charged after offensive graffiti found on church, police car, in south-end …

On Aug. 31, police say a number of locations were sprayed with graffiti, including a church, two buildings, a stop sign, several sidewalks and a police vehicle.

Police say the graffiti included some offensive messages that were sprayed in blue, purple and yellow paint.

On Monday, police say they arrested a 19-year-old Halifax man without incident in Clayton Park.

The young man has been released from custody and will appear in court at a later date to face five counts of mischief.

Police say they expect more arrests to be made.

Article source:,-police-car,-in-south-end-Halifax/1

American Graffiti (and French, Brazilian, German): The World’s Best Street Art

American Graffiti (and French, Brazilian, German): The World's Best Street Art

Banksy gets a lot of attention, but street art (a.k.a. graffiti) is exploding in popularity worldwide (Flickr/caruba)

It’s been a little over a year since world-famous graffiti artist Banksy wrapped up his summer residence – and wall domination – in New York City. But for many of us who sleuthed around the city in hopes of discovering his latest masterpiece, it was only the beginning of our love and appreciation of street art. Not since the 1980s, the birth and boom of this medium, has street art been so popular. Once the bane of building owners and police officers, it is now starting to gain worldwide acceptance. And with the style evolving from straight tags to multimedia instillations, even governments are starting to support this form of urban sprawl.

Read: The New Street Art You Need to See in NYC

Here’s a look at the best cities to spot some of today’s most impressive (and free) art!


While London may be an obvious pick, it deserves a mention on this list because it’s home to three key players in the graffiti world: Banksy, Steve Lazarides, and D*Face. Thanks in part to their success, the city’s East End – specifically the inner area of Shoreditch and the art community of Hackney Wick – have become magnets for international artists.


This piece by Borondo incorporates the canal. (Photo: Dave Stuart)

This year, Spanish artist Borondo has been enthralling London with a stunning series of murals. “His stand-out achievement is a face painted upside on the support of a bridge spanning the Hertford Union Canal in Hackney Wick,” says Dave Stuart, the principal guide and photographer for Shoreditch Street Art Tours. “The face reflects the right way up in the canal, and with wind and gentle ripples on the canal surface, the mouth moves and the eyes wink at us. A sensational piece of kinetic, location-specific street art.”

Read: 10 Reasons to Visit London’s Hottest New Neighborhood 

Also giving Londoners whiplash is South African female artist Faith 47. According to Stuart, over the last 18 months she has created a number of stunning outdoor paintings, the most popular located on Leonard Street in Shoreditch of “a nun-like figure cradling a dying swan located in her arms.”




In Paris, good street art is respected, especially this piece by Vhils. (Photo: Jessica Zimmerman)

Paris has always been known for its artists. Because of that, Parisians take a much more contemplative stance on street art. “Cleanup crews often leave works deemed ‘more artistic’ alone,” says Jessica Zimmerman, journalist and project leader at Underground Paris, a street-art touring company in Paris. 

On the tour is an impressive piece by Vhils, a Portuguese artist, who created an inverted relief sculpture of a face by etching into the walls on the Rue de la Fontaine au Roi.

Another favorite is the magical, mind-bending mural on Rue Lemon by Alexis Diaz, a Puerto Rican artist. His image of a bird in a boat attached to a floating heart is simply breathtaking.


Alexis Diaz’s bizarre yet eye-catching work in Paris (Photo: Jessica Zimmerman



American artists JBAK created Berlin’s tallest-ever mural (Photo: JBAK)

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, artists took to the streets with spray cans to show their creativity and to voice their beliefs. Today, freedom of expression is alive and well on the city walls. “The reputation of Berlin’s anarchist and thriving art scene made it almost impossible for international artists to not want to leave their mark here,” says Adie Sampson, founder of Alternative Berlin Tours, a tour company that offers unique views of the city, including its street art scene.

There are three works that Sampson suggests visitors see stat. In Lichtenberg on Landsberger Allee, American duo JBAK created the tallest mural ever painted in the city. The image features three bright-colored, photorealistic individuals standing on each other’s shoulders to get a view of the city. In Friedrichshain, American artist Tristan Eaton’s giant 50-ft woman, created in different colors and patterns, brightens up a tony neighborhood. And for the third stop, Sampson recommends visitors see the stone-blasted portrait by Vhils, chipped (with the help of some dynamite) into the wall by the Spree River.



Artist Tristan Eaton’s 50-Foot Woman attacks Berlin (Photo: Adie Sampson)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

South America’s art history has always reflected its social turmoil. But unlike other places that have experienced political clashes, the graffiti scene in this city works to rise above the past. “The majority of street artists in Argentina do not mix art with politics,” says Matt Fox-Tucker, founder of Buenos Aires Street Art. Instead, “they express themselves in their own way, painting artwork with a lot of positive energy and color in their very unique styles.”


Fintan Magee’s “The Displaced” (Photo Matt Fox-Tucker)

This is evident in a number of the pieces currently on view in this tropical paradise. Australian Fintan Magee created “The Displaced,” which pays homage to the aftermath of the severe floods that hit both Buenos Aires and his hometown of Brisbane, Australia in 2013. One of the largest murals in the city is of surreal characters being carried by a skateboard. This piece by Argentine artist Martin Ron called “Tale of Parrots” took 16 days and 16 gallons of latex paint to complete. But not to be forgotten is the tribute piece by JAZ, another Argentine artist. The two Minotaurs represent two children, Teta and Salta, who were victims of police brutality. To see other pieces by equally creative artists, check out the bohemian neighborhoods of Palermo (where Che Guevara once lived) and Belgrano.


JAZ’s minotaurs (Photo: Matt Fox-Tucker)



Miami’s street art scene has exploded in recent years (Flickr/Rob Larsen)

Once considered the cultural and moral wasteland of America, Miami has gotten a much-needed makeover in the last 10 years. While Art Basel is central to it, the transformation of the Wynwood section of town can’t be ignored. In 2009, real estate developer Tony Goldman, looking for a way to turn around the run-down warehouse area of the city, bought 30 buildings and turned them into virtual canvases for internationally known graffiti artists. The goal was to brighten up the facades and create a place where people would want to visit. The Wynwood Walls, as they are now known, have done way more than that. They have turned Miami into an epicenter for emerging artists and for graffiti fans. The plan is to change the murals every two years to keep things fresh and inviting.


Brazilian artist Nunca has a big presence on Miami’s Wynwood Walls (Flickr/Wally Gobetz

With that knowledge, you should rush there now to see work by some of the geniuses of the genre. Among the mix? Large-scale figures created by Brazilian artist Nunca that resemble a cross between characters from Goya and “Where The Wild Things Are.” 

Brooklyn, New York

The birthplace of graffiti is clearly rooted in New York City. In Brooklyn — specifically the hipster havens of Williamsburg and Bushwick — you can see the latest and greatest things happening in the medium, from comic-book looks to photo collages and woodcut-style stencils.

“Brooklyn has a unique combination of being a place where the artists live and have the wall space to support the endeavor,” says Gabriel Schoenberg, president of Graff Tours, which shows off street art in New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles.  


ROA’s multi-species mural in Brooklyn (Wally Gobetz/Flickr)

A few pieces, Schoenberg says, are especially buzzy in the BK right now. “The ROA mural in Williamsburg is something to note,” he says. The three-story mural of a fox, raccoon, and skunk, done in his signature black-and-white strokes looks “lifelike.” The new three-story How and Nosm piece of classic playing cards on Flushing Avenue in Bushwick “is a heart-stopper;” and the Icy and Sot piece for the Bushwick Collective “takes on a tough topic.” The image, which sits on the corner of Wyckoff and Flushing, is titled “Rocket Vs Rocks” and illustrates the Israeli and Palestinian crisis.

Navajo Nation, Ariz.

Graffiti art has always been a means for those with no voice to shout a message to the world. That concept remains strong in the Navajo Nation. In order to raise awareness and revenue for businesses owned by Native Americans, graffiti artist Jetsonorama started the Painted Desert Project, creating eye-catching images on the roadside stands in the city.

Other artists who have lent a hand and spray can include international street art sensations Gaia, ROA, Alexis Diaz, and Doodles. Among the striking large-scale murals that can be seen is Jetsonorama’s image of a Native American with his hands up, which adorns three side-by-side water towers.

Sao Paulo


Beco de Batman (Batman Alley): the epicenter of Sao Paulo’s street art scene (Flickr/Melina Kuroiva)

Sao Paulo is, in many ways, known for its political street art. Lasar Segall, the Brazilian Jewish painter who called Sao Paulo home, often portrayed human suffering and war in his expressionist paintings. Segall’s home is now a museum dedicated to his art, but that isn’t the only place in this city to stir your cultural conscience.

In fact, Sao Paulo has become known for its building-swallowing murals created in Brazilian folk art and pixo reto styles (Sao Paulo’s original graffiti). The famous Beco do Batman (Batman Alley), in the bohemian barrio (neighborhood) of Madalena, is like a constantly changing, open-air art exhibit often featuring pieces from graffiti artists Sinha, Speto, Dask2, Dorme, or Os Gemeos (twin brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo). In Vila Santana, a commercial and residential district known for its culture and entertainment, vibrant pieces by the up-and-coming generation of “grafite” artists – Nunca, Carlos Dias, and Titi Freak – are spray-painted along the walls. 

WATCH: Sao Paulo’s Urban Art Museum with Anthony Bourdain

Melbourne, Australia


What could possibly be offensive about this work by artist Smug? (Photo: Eddie Jim)

There’s an art movement spreading throughout Melbourne, Australia, and the evidence is etched all over the city’s alleyways around Hosier and Caledonian Lanes. Artists including Kid Zoom, the Yok, Reka, Rone, Sheryo, and Miso have made this city their canvas. And with an accepting, if not encouraging, attitude toward these modern-day artists, the city is fast becoming the mecca for those new types of street styles, including wheatpastes, poster art, stencils, and murals. Artist Smug recently caused a stir with a commissioned piece he did on Fitzroy Street. The image shows the repugnant Aussie character or “yobbo,” drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. A single resident took offense because of the beer, and the $2,500 mural will be covered up. Other well-known artists brightening up the city walls include Sofles and Adnate, who is known for his striking portraits of Aboriginal children.


Bethlehem, West Bank


American Steve Braudt teamed up with local artist Moodi Abdallah to create this work near the Bethlehem checkpoint (Photo: Yamen Elabed)

In the West Bank, the 25-foot high concrete wall that divides the Israeli and Palestinian territories has become a visual voice for many for artists, locals, and even tourists. “Most of the art reflects the life and frustrations of the Palestinian people,” says Yamen Elabed, lead tour guide for Murad Tours in Bethlehem. The majority of the art can be found in refugee camps, especially near the Aida camp, but “wherever there is any free space on the walls and buildings from Bethlehem to East Jerusalem to Ramallah and all over the West Bank, you will find street art,” says Elabed.

While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of murals, a few of them stand out above the rest. With the help of local artist Moodi Abdallah, American artist and pastor Steve Braudt has been creating rainbow-hued images of love and forgiveness on the wall near the Bethlehem checkpoint. Ramallah-born artist Sami Deek has also been turning heads with images that mirror the conflict. And in some cases, artists are making their murals projects for peace. International duo How and Nosm’s bold designs were part of a project with Medical aid for Palestinians. 

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Adidas Skateboarding Introduces Tyshawn Jones To The Team

adidas skateboarding introduces tyshawn jones

Adidas Skateboarding Introduces Tyshawn Jones To The Team

After recently adding Na-Kel Smith and Miles Silva to its global skate team, adidas skateboarding introduces Tyshawn Jones, the newest member to its crew.  The New York City native has been on the skate industry’s radar for a while now, and took third place last year at TransWorld SKATE’s NYC CUT stop. For a complete look at the Come Up Tour in NYC, check out TransWorld Skateboarding’s photos, video, and overview of what happened, right here.  Here’s more from adidas:

adidas Skateboarding is proud to introduce three new Ams to the Global Team this September.

This week we welcome the third Am, TYSHAWN JONES, born in Harlem, New York, raised and currently living in Bronx, New York.

Skating for adidas, Fucking Awesome, Supreme, Thunder, Spitfire, Bones Bearings, Mob and Stance, Tyshawn can be followed on Instagram as @enwhytj.

Keep an eye out for all things Tyshawn this week on adidas Skateboarding’s social media channels.



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adidas Skateboarding Introduces Miles Silvas To The Team

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